Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc. (TBS) – a leading media power- house of news, entertainment and information programming – located in Atlanta, Georgia area, utilizes dozens of compact track shelving storage systems in most of its video tape libraries for both the news and entertainment divisions, which are located at the downtown CNN Center, and the Turner Entertainment Network (TEN) campus. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Compact Track Shelving Solves Space Problems

“We have compact track shelving systems throughout our facilities to maximize our office space. We adopted compact track shelving as our standard shelving equipment due to its durability and reliability to support our network libraries. I have experience with many types of systems, but compact track shelving is superior in its manufacturing,” explained the Director of Facility Information Systems. Compact track shelving and its local Spacesaver representative have worked to solve space problems within the CNN complex for more than two decades.  Even with the onset of new digital video formats and electronic storage, the main news archive video tape library continues to receive more than 200 tapes a day. New tapes, along with more than 200,000 archive video tapes, have to be kept organized and readily available twenty-four hours a day.  Click here for more video tape storage solutions.

compact track storage shelving

At the CNN building, it is a difficult job keeping the news backup lifeline flowing for as many as 400-450 video tape pulls a day to support hundreds of editors and reporters. When news breaks, video tapes have to be found in a matter of minutes. Having them onsite, condensed in one place, bar coded and cataloged makes the process of locating video tapes extremely efficient.  “We couldn’t do it without compact shelving,” stated the manager of news archives. “In addition to saving floor space, the flexibility of shelving configurations, which allows us to match the shelf opening to the tape size, maximizes our vertical space.”

Compact Track Shelving for Active Production Storage

In addition to the main video tape library, compact track shelving systems are located in several other areas to store video tapes. Near every newsroom and in active production areas, small compact track shelving systems store new and highly active video tapes until they are processed for archiving. Some production areas include the CNN Newsroom, CNN Sports, CNN En Espanol and CNN International.  Several compact track shelving systems are also located throughout the CNN complex to solve space problems in non-production, administrative areas such as accounting and research.  “In addition to saving floor space, the flexibility of shelving configurations, which allows to match the shelf opening to the tape size, maximizes our vertical space.” Manager of News Archives

Compact Track Shelving Creates Open Space for Creativity and Communication

A new, expansive 125,000 sq. ft., five-story facility was created on the campus where TEN is headquartered, including TNT, TBS Channel, Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies, Turner South, Turner Studios, as well as their marketing and development departments.  The new facility was intended to consolidate several departments spread across the campus into a functional and unified space. Several compact track shelving systems were put into the new main video tape library to solve the mounting video tape storage needs and allow room for growth.  By centralizing video tape storage, architects and designers were able to utilize more footprint within the building to create a spacious and open floor plan that is conducive to creativity and open communications.


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