How art supply storage cabinets save space

pivoting art supply cabinet

The pivoting art supply storage cabinet is a space-saving solution designed to accommodate schools’ classrooms with their art, crafts, paint, instruments, and drawing supplies. With a holding capacity that matches that of three lateral or side-by-side cabinets, users can store more materials in less space.

These art supply storage units rotate a full 360 degrees to save space and improve craft supply and art storage access in a smaller footprint. This means schools themselves with limited budgets can purchase fewer cabinetry systems and instead make the most of the ones they have. Integrated cabinetry components also help to make its use in any capacity more efficient. So, users have what they need to store art studio teaching necessities and more while making effective use of limited space. Click here to see the pivoting art supply storage cabinet in action. 

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Art supply storage cabinets are a useful teaching tool

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Art supply storage cabinet accessories will allow the pivoting art supply filing cabinet to become an effective teaching tool. That is, these storage cabinets teach students the value of organizational efficiency and neatness so that teachers and their students can all spend less time finding what they need and more time completing their art projects.

These well-organized art supply filing cabinets also enable a substitute teacher, parent volunteer, or general teacher to quickly find what they are looking for even if they aren’t familiar with how the art teacher stores items. When you select your art supply storage cabinetry, you can integrate a wide variety of options when designing a storage solution that keeps supplies neat and organized while also encouraging student learning. In this way, these art supply filing cabinets meet immediate and long-term storage needs for art classrooms. Among the many benefits of these art supply storage cabinets are:

  • Color-coded shelf bins to separate instructional aids and supplies by specific category, including grade level, student, or subject
  • Drawers that lock independently of one another to provide a secure place to store valuables
  • Flip-up worksurfaces provide space to accommodate teaching materials, including laptops and visual aids
  • Media drawers accommodate DVDs and CDs
  • Wardrobe compartment for instructor apparel, art smocks, or aprons
  • Key or numeric code accessible cabinet locking options available
  • Caster kits that make moving or repositioning units easy

These cabinetry drawers are designed to open and close with ease thanks to state-of-the-art drawer guides, latches, springs, hardware, and accessories. They can rest in the open or closed position with no risk of tipping over. The drawers themselves are also vertically adjustable by 1 – ¾” for custom configurations.

To provide an example of their space-saving capabilities, 10 pivoting art supply storage cabinets can hold the same amount of materials as 28, four-drawer laterals or 38 four-drawer verticals, though they take up less than half the floor space. In addition to being more efficient, you purchase fewer separate cabinets overall, which can save money.

Though these art supply filing cabinets are primarily about functionality and efficiency, they are available in 20 standard colors to match the interior of almost any classroom. They are coated with a long-lasting powder-coated finish, which minimizes the appearance of fingerprints and smudges, an important consideration for preschool or elementary school classrooms.

These pivoting art supply storage cabinets come in 10 different heights, ranging from 29 1/2″ to 92 1/2″ so they can fit into a range of classroom sizes. Starter widths are 36 1/2″ and 45 1/4″. Five-tier mobile units are restricted to 60 7/8″ in height.

Times-Two Art Supply Storage Cabinets Maximize Your Space

times two art supply filing cabinetsYour art supply filing cabinets can serve as lessons to students on the importance of organization, efficiency, and neatness. However, when you are working with your school administrator to plan an art classroom budget, cost-saving is a lesson that can’t be ignored.

Rotating or two-sided art supply filing cabinets allow you to have double the storage capability without expanding or modifying the square footage of your actual space. These dual-sided cabinetry systems function like old-fashioned Lazy Susan’s in that one cabinet system is outward-facing, and the other is inward-facing at the same time.

Simply press a foot pedal to rotate the art supply storage cabinetry from front-facing to back facing and back again. High-quality mechanics allow the shelving units to turn with minimal pushing and effort. These simple actions allow teachers or others to access art supplies and other materials as they need it. Moreover, the drawers and drawer guides are designed to pull-out smoothly and effortlessly. The cabinets and drawers can either lock into position or remain unlocked for rapid accessibility.

The rotating or two-sided capability of the art supply filing cabinetry allows teachers to hide or better shield costly or more expensive items. This way, these in-demand or high-value items can be accessible to the teacher but non-accessible to students or others who may enter the classroom. Also, this double-sided art supply storage cabinetry can be ideal for housing laptop computers, iPad tablets, Chromebooks, and other technology devices and components.

In addition to maximizing your art classroom space, these times-two art supply filing cabinets enable your school to only have to purchase one cabinetry system instead of two, potentially saving them money and making the most of a limited financial budget.

Secure Your Storage with Whiteboard-covered Art Supply Cabinets

art supply wall cabinets dry whiteboardsIn addition to making the most of your limited art supply filing cabinets, it is essential to protect art supplies and materials from theft and loss. Due to limited budgets, schools may not be able to replace items that are stolen. That’s why these art supply storage cabinets in the wall, which hide behind sliding whiteboards, can be such a smart and cost-effective storage choice.

Here’s how they work: cabinetry units of standard or custom size are installed in the wall in the front of the classroom. A movable, dry-erase whiteboard slides over these art supply storage cabinets completely obstructing them, so students don’t even know they exist. Unless you know the cabinets are there, they are otherwise completely unnoticeable. The whiteboards themselves function as standard whiteboards in that they can be drawn on and erased with appropriate whiteboard dry-erase markers.

To keep the cabinetry hidden, the whiteboard remains in front so that it looks like a standard whiteboard. Teachers then only access these art materials and goods when they are alone or when there are no students in the classroom. In this way, teachers can use these hidden art supply storage cabinets to house trendy, high-demand, or costly items. By protecting or hiding these items that have a higher probability of being stolen, teachers can make the most out of the school’s limited art supply budget.

Transport Art Supplies with Portable Art Supply Storage Cabinets

art supply drawer cartsThough it is ideal for every school to have a designated art classroom, this isn’t always possible due to growing class sizes and limited school space. With these wheeled art supply storage cabinets, you can turn any classroom or space into an art class.

These art supply storage cabinetry units can be wheeled or transported to classrooms or multipurpose rooms so students can create their art projects wherever they are. The top-side of the portable cabinetry itself doubles as a large table or work surface area, allowing a sizable group of students to come together to collaborate on their art projects. Each cabinet or space in the larger unit opens and closes for easy transport. Drawers can be locked for safekeeping and theft prevention.  

These portable art supply storage cabinets or carts can also store partially completed art projects as regular classrooms may not have the space to store in-progress artwork without getting them damaged. It is generally not viable to expect young students to bring home these art projects and then bring them back to school as most students will forget and leave them at home. These art supply storage cabinets allow you to keep your art materials safe and organized while also allowing students to participate in art class even if their school lacks a designated art classroom. 

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