Courthouse Uses Mobile Storage Shelving to Consolidate

A local county courthouse was going through a massive consolidation. There were all types of records to store for various departments and space was extremely limited. To solve the problem, mobile storage shelving was used. Not only did the shelving save space, but it offered even more storage capacity for the future. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

county courthouse roller mobile storage shelving for deed books

Storage the Courthouse Needed After the Consolidation

Within the courthouse, seven different departments were being shuffled around and consolidated. The architect brought in Southwest Solutions Group’s Austin representative, to create designs and budgets for the new storage systems. The plan was to consolidate all the active records, inactive records, and historical items for the county clerk, district clerk, county judge, justice of the peace, personnel & benefits, and county attorney. In addition to this, another storage solution was needed to house active records and deed books for the county clerk in their public area.

How Mobile Storage Shelving Worked to Meet the Courthouse’s Needs

mobile storage shelving saves space while storing active filesBecause all these departments had to share a space, mobile storage shelving was the obvious solution. By using a powered mobile storage shelving system, each carriage was equipped with a one-touch control pad, giving each department its own personal security access only to their designated aisle(s). Southwest Solutions’ rep worked with the judge’s assistant and two others who are designated as administrators to set up the touch pad software and upload users into each of the three modules.

Finally, the public area also had powered mobile storage shelving implemented that did not use a touch pad. Half of the system is files and the other half is used to house deed books, therefore not requiring secured access. Specialized roller-type shelving was designed into the system for the deed books. The files are in the remaining shelving for the public who prefer hard copi9es.

The new laminate colors really helped the mobile storage shelving stand out. And because the courthouse used mobile storage shelving, they were able to increase their capacity enough for future storage needs.

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