Sliding library shelves receive money-saving modernized upgrade

sliding library shelves high density automatedSliding library shelves with a high density profile and automated push-button operation that controls carriage movement to create an accessible aisle which compacts to save space while rolling along floor tracks underwent a slight upgrade. The decision to update the storage with an LCD display touchscreen interface that promotes user-friendliness while offering better security and safety came after the system had provided a higher-education institution with reliable service that lasted more than two decades. Since a storage distributor local to the area managed to service the unit during that time, library staff put faith in its experienced technicians and sales staff to offer advice about options and make recommendations that would allow transitioning to a more modern system. Continue reading to learn more about the installation.

The university ended up deciding to modernize its sliding library shelves that bare a high density profile and automated push-button controls with a more contemporary-looking LCD display touchscreen interface. The reasons that drove their decision to choose it over any other available option appears to have next to nothing to do with the system’s ability to provide increased security through a controlled audit access feature that operates with a pin-code or card authorization to regulate use. Rather, those involved knew the investment would extend the life of the university assets at a far more inexpensive price over that which would result from purchasing a current high-density storage system. The streamlined conversion process would minimize disruption, too. The system’s ability to fit right into a base control cutout using tamper-proof screws that provide added security eliminates any need to utilize new face panels during an upgrade, saving money while ensuring easy installation and a smooth transition from one system to another. 

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Mordern storage with LCD display touchscreen interface offers easy use

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In only a few weeks time, the library’s older electronics received the much-needed upgrade turning the storage with LCD display touchscreen interface into a state-of-the-art system that offers easy use. Since its installation, the system has proven more intuitive for students who know about this type of “swipe” technology. The controls have also cut down the time staff spends explaining how to operate the system.

The actual conversion process took place during the summer so as not to interfere with class sessions. It went off without a hitch, with everything finishing on time. The local storage representative traveled to the site once installation had finished to review the warranty and train the client on how to operate the modernized storage with LCD touchscreen interface.

Benefits to using LCD display touchscreen interface

lcd display touchscreen interfaceAmong the available benefits that result from using the LCD display touchscreen interface with “swipe” technology are:

  • Built-in tutorials provide users with virtual instructions on how to operate the system and are available to customize based on user specific applications
  • Voice prompts and button click sounds, each with volume control that allows adjustments to match user preferences
  • Interactive and dynamic screen with menu, arrows, stop signs and more intuitive icons and colors. Featured symbols and colors change to display the available system movements and menu options at any time.
  • Complete system audit log available to download in a format that personnel can view using any computer spreadsheet or text viewer
  • Users only need to touch anywhere on the screen to stop system motion, reducing injury potential and ensuring personal safety
  • System diagnostics get displayed in a clear fashion on the screen to ensure simple and intuitive servicing and troubleshooting
  • Users can reconfigure the system at any time without needing to call upon a service technician 

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