Rounded mobile bookcase shelf kits allow flexible space savings

rounded mobile bookcase shelf kitsRounded mobile bookcase shelf kits with adjustable multimedia storage and display racks come in a convenient package to simplify application use. They’re great in libraries and more looking to add some style through flexible shelving integration. Adapted to sturdy casters, units allow instant relocation to ensure you can save space or re-purpose public access areas to accommodate other productive activities. Smaller-budget school districts or office environments can reuse facility space to do more rather than pay outside contractors to renovate the existing footprint. 

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Stylish rounded mobile bookcase shelf kits

Pick from rounded mobile bookcase shelf kits in standard (straight) concave, and convex styles that allow you to create one-of-kind designs. Systems can connect to form options with clean and sleek circular or “S” shape construction. If you want to change the aesthetics or create intimate reading areas, simply detach the units.  Furthermore, you can adapt the adjustable multimedia storage and display racks as needed and avoid wasting space. It ensures you can use the available footprint to the fullest while still keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

Stack reading materials standing up, side-by-side to maximize capacity usage during consolidation. Doing so allows the area and collections to look clean and tidy. It improves selection visibility too, allowing users to read titles with ease. Additionally, units have a perforated design in the rear which allows clean airflow to prevent dust buildup. 

Panels: The end and intermediate panels are 1″ thick 9-ply veneer core with premium oak or maple veneer faces and wood edge banding.

Tops and Bases: The stylish 60° curved and straight tops and bases are 1″ thick 9-ply veneer core with premium oak or maple veneer faces and wood edge banding.

Backs: Curved backs designed with 14-gauge perforated powder-coated steel panels durable enough to provide dust protection and reliable service that lastsadjustable multimedia storage display racks

Shelves: Adjustable shelves which allow flexible placement to give you full access to the available space are 1″ thick veneer core with veneer faces and wood edge banding.

Casters: Six 3″ locking casters per unit provide safe transportability to simplify space-saving relocation.

Finish: Available in several finishes that add a stylish and clean look to any space.

Assembly: Systems ship assembled to simplify installation and allow ready use.

Warranty: Five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Made in the USA

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