Programmable electric mobile systems create space

programmable electric mobile systemsThe storage area used to house the library collection at one of the oldest law schools in the country had become insufficient. This was largely due to the fact that inventory had expanded from what it used to be to more than twice its size, growing in excess of more than 500,000 volumes. The simple fact was that the law library needed a better way to showcase their vast compilation of books, and fast. Otherwise, nearly half of it would need to be stored off site. It was something that would only prove to problematic in the future. And, so to avoid having to keep the books in two separate locations, the library was fitted with several programmable electric mobile systems and compact bookcases to create accessible space for the library to use as they wished. This meant more room for added conveniences such as seating, rooms for reading and computers, as well as a study area with more than 300 carrels. Programmable electric mobile systems compact to create accessible space.

Programmable electric mobile systems adapt

Programmable electric mobile systems that compact bookcases to create accessible space was the right choice for the library to go with for several reasons. They are adaptable, which means the library wouldn’t have to pull money from somewhere else in order to finance the installation. And, because these systems come in a variety of different color options, they wouldn’t have to deviate from the rich interior already in place when it came to choosing a design. In addition, because these systems are mobile and built with carriages that run on rails connected to the floor, they provided the library with the opportunity to make better use of rail extensions in the floor that had been covered up by carpet.

Safe programmable electric mobile systems 

compact bookcases creating accessible spaceTo help keep students safe while accessing information from books about 19th century, French legal history, and Roman law, these programmable electric mobile systems were fitted with a Zero Force Safety System. It works to protect those in aisles of the compact bookcases from harm. This microprocessor controlled infrared photoelectric system is designed to stop the carriages from moving if people or objects such as books, carts, stools and wheelchairs are occupying the aisle. And it is done without any assistance from an actual person. This meant that the area of the library with programmable electric mobile systems could accommodate a higher volume of traffic without incident. Watch programmable electric mobile systems out do the competition.

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