High density mobile shelving creates space

high density mobile shelvingOver the last thirty-plus years, advancements in technology have provided us with the ability to work smarter, not harder. That exact idea was put to the test when an educational institution was faced with the challenge of redesigning an existing library to better serve its students. The remodeled space needed to be more convenient, allowing students to make better use of their time. After much discussion, it was decided that high density mobile shelving would create better space for work and innovation developed by students. It would also allow school officials to accommodate students’ requests for more amenities such as quiet study carrels and collaborative space for working on group projects. With this high density mobile shelving in place, there was even free a spot for a Makerspace to encourage creativity. A Makerspace is a specific area in the library designated for patrons to participate in projects that foster creativity. Watch high density mobile shelving in action.

High density mobile shelving works smarter not harder

How does high density mobile shelving function to create better space for work and innovation, exactly? It works smarter with the help of carriages that move with just the press of a button. Once set in motion the carriages compact, leaving just one or two aisles open for quick and easy retrieval of stored materials. The carriages’ ability to shift back and forth allows for items such as a collection of physical resources, as was the case for the library, to be stored in less space. Valuable floor space is then available for other purposes, making it more productive.

Benefits to using high density mobile shelving

create better space for work and nnovationAn added benefit to using high density mobile shelving to create better space for work and innovation is that it is designed to work with existing applications. This means you can renovate an existing, fully-functional space without having to move or stop production to accommodate the redesign. In the case of the library, it used existing metal shelving with wood end panels to blend in nicely with the decor. This made high density mobile shelving an affordable, efficient, and more convenient way to give students what they asked for without having to close the library while under construction. Create better space for work and innovation.

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