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Last updated: December 15, 2015

Store military-required equipment better with large tactical readiness locker

large tactical readiness lockersMilitary personnel need to be outfitted with proper attire and equipment to help them carry out a mission when called to serve and protect their fellow countrymen and women. But, how can they ensure specialized equipment and protective gear such as gas masks are properly stored for when they are needed? The answer is simple: A large tactical readiness locker. Click here to watch a video about how using a large tactical readiness locker led to award-winning recognition for the military.

Large tactical readiness locker stores big military duty bags with ease

This large tactical readiness locker features four tiers and is spacious enough to hold a mobility pack or a big military duty bag. Every locker unit is built with double ventilated doors and has four compartments measuring 23-inches tall. In addition, because the double doors are ventilated, air is consistently circulated throughout the large tactical readiness lockers. This helps prevent bacteria from compromising the condition of stored items, protecting them from becoming useless or ineffective. They also serve to improve visibility of the items housed inside, making it easier and less time consuming for military personnel to find what they were looking for. Click here to learn about the additional security features available that help keep a big military duty bag from being misidentified or unlawfully tampered with.

Large tactical readiness locker is good alternative to to store other military gear

big military duty bag storageIn fact, this type of large tactical readiness locker served as a good alternative for an air force base who decided to swap out their existing storage method, involving open pallet racking, for something else. With its installation and secure padlocking system in place, it meant that soldiers could efficiently organize and store their battle gear. And made it far less likely that troops would accidentally pick up gear specifically made for another. This ultimately meant that men and women of the armed forces could store gear or a big military duty bag without worrying that it might be misidentified and, thus, subject to tampering by a fellow officer, providing reassurance that they were better equipped to go and fight when called upon to do so.

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