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Flexible high density mobile mechanical assist carriages

high density mobile mechanical assist carriagesAfter experiencing a rapid increase in patient growth, a small dental practice was seeking a better way to run its office. For this reason, it was fitted with two different storage methods, including high density mobile mechanical assist carriages and spinning file-cabinet storage. With the storage systems in place, staff could make better of use of the limited space they worked in by adding state-of-the-art treatment rooms for patients.The flexibility of each allowed the office to function more efficiently and made it aesthetically pleasing in appearance. In addition, these systems also adequately held files documenting courses of treatment for thousands of patients. Watch high density mobile mechanical assist carriages in action. 

Productive high density mobile mechanical assist carriages 

With help from high density mobile mechanical assist carriages, the office staff now had enough storing capacity to keep both active and inactive files in one location, the file room. In addition, because these systems condense by turning a handle on the outer panel, patient information was kept confidential. It could, however, also be accessed and retrieved at a faster rate than before. This meant that patients could be seen and treated in less time, leading to increased productivity within the office.

Convenient spinning file-cabinet storage

spinning file cabinet storageTwo sets of spinning file-cabinet storage were placed behind the reception desk, an area free of obstruction. Both systems were used to store the high volume of orthodontic and pediatric files that had piled up. Because the spinning file-cabinet storage turns by just stepping on a foot pedal, files stored there could be more conveniently accessed in an emergency. Crafted with a wood-trim frame and coupled with easy to open and close doors, the systems fell perfectly in line with the office decor giving it a clean and tidy look. Buy spinning file-cabinet storage online.

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