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Last updated: December 02, 2020

FrameWRX Plastic Bin Shelving Offers Flexible Hospital Supply Storage

prharmacy-bin-shelving-framewrxWith FrameWRX™ Plastic Bin Shelving, you get the exact storage you need; where, when, and how you want it, now and into the future. The hospital supply storage shelving is highly flexible and easily adjustable with plastic bins that adapt easily to meet your changing storage needs (view images of FrameWRX Plastic Bin Shelving)  Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

How Flexible is FrameWRX Plastic Bin Shelving?

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FrameWRX Plastic Bin Shelving can be configured in an infinite number of ways - giving you endless options for how to store more of any variety of items, as efficiently as possible. The shelving can have shelves, bins, pegs, work surfaces, and rails all arranged on-demand to create new options to easily store those difficult pharmacy and medical supply items. For example, FrameWRX accommodates a variety of storage shelving accessories, including hanging plastic bins, peg-board hooks and slat-wall accessories. So you can configure it in as many different ways as you like. And, with our shelving accessories and customized options, such as work surfaces, shelving, canopy tops, and end panels in a broad range of colors, textures, and materials, you can change the look and functionality of the system even more precisely to your needs and environment.

Improving the Flow of Pharmacy and Medical Lab Products Means Improved Productivity

medical-supplies-framewrx-bin-shelvesBetter organization and more efficient storage for your hospital and medical products and supplies means that productivity will be improved because hospital staff will be able to quickly find the medical supplies when they need them. Besides flexibility, FrameWRX incorporates colored plastic bins for quick identification and proper rotation of pharmaceuticals and medical products. Improve the workflow of pharmacy and lab staff and inventory control with FrameWRX Plastic Bin Shelving.

Improving the Space Efficiency of Your Pharmacy and Medical Lab

What more could you ask for in a hospital supply storage system besides flexibility and productivity? How about space savings? FrameWRX Plastic Bin Shelving provides maximum floor space-saving with double-depth storage. The double deep option consists of shelving on tracks that slide back and forth in front of stationary shelving. Imagine cutting your pharmacy and lab storage floor space area in half or doubling the storage of medical supplies in the same floor space as your existing storage system.

The Ultimate Hospital Medical Supply Cart

WRX on wheels is the ultimate medical supply cart providing flexibility of storage and maximizing medical product transportation. WRX on wheels medical supply carts offer the exact same flexibility as FrameWRX Plastic Bin Shelving. Whether you need plastic bins or hooks to hang medical supplies, WRX on wheels provides easy to change flexibility. WRX on wheels provides a wide variety of cart heights including a 7' high model designed to fit perfectly through a standard door. WRX on wheels is ready to roll whenever you are.

Designing Your Hospital Supply Storage Areas

Need layout and design assistance with your hospital and medical supply storage area? Southwest Solutions Group® can help. Design and layout services are an important part of our business. Send us a message today or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 and we will put you in touch with a specialist to see if FrameWRX Plastic Bin Shelving makes sense for your hospital.


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