Condo Offers Concierge Smart Locker System to Residents

condo residents packages are delivered with concierge smart locker systemA large downtown condominium with 389 units and more than 750 residents offers exclusive and high-end amenities. One of these amenities is a concierge smart locker system. The 49 state-of-the-art, software-controlled lockers automatically manage, monitor and track the high volume of incoming packages — an average of 252 — delivered to residents at the property on a weekly basis. Click here to learn more about parcel delivery lockers.

System the Condo Used Before to Manage and Track Resident’s Packages

Before the management team installed the concierge smart locker system, the entire package management system was manual, which proved to be an extremely time-consuming task. As packages arrived, staff would log them into a booklet, create a copy of the log by building unit and post it in the mail room. It would take the mail room attendant more than two hours a day to log all the packages using this process.revit bim models

Also, every day between 8:00 and 9:00 AM, there was a continuous flow of residents coming into the offices to collect their packages. Which meant at least one hour of one person’s time was dedicated solely to managing the package pick-up process. The concierge smart locker system frees up staff to focus on their primary tasks, and also reduces the need for a dedicated mail room attendant. View more apartment & condo storage solutions

How the Concierge Smart Locker System Has Made Package Delivery Much Easier

The staff simply deposits packages directly into the lockers and the software automatically notifies residents via text message or email that their package is available for secure pick-up at their own convenience. The whole delivery process is tracked from end-to-end to ensure complete chain of custody from drop-off to pick-up. Residents are able to retrieve their packages with the input of a self-selected six-digit password.

concierge smart locker system manages and tracks condo resident packagesThe concierge smart locker system for the condo was custom-designed to match its surroundings on the condo’s lobby level, adjacent to the mail room. Not only do the lockers match the aesthetics of the decor, but they complement the busy lifestyle of its residents as well.

The Concierge Smart Locker System is Extremely Convenient for Condo Residents

The condo’s residents are young, tech savvy, live and work in the area, and receive numerous packages a week. And they want their packages the day they are delivered, even if they aren’t at home and the management office is closed. With the concierge smart locker system it doesn’t matter what time of day the residents pickup their packages because the lockers are available 24/7.

Since the installation of the concierge smart locker system the management company monitored the data and it showed that 65% of the packages delivered are picked up after office hours. Also, the average time elapsed between package drop-off and pick-up has decreased 54%, which means that tenants are picking up packages sooner than they were with the previous system.

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