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Last updated: March 09, 2016

Vertical Storage Towers for Slow-Moving Inventory

automated vertical storage towersAn electrical wholesaler that delivers goods to electricians, solar power specialists, and building sites within 24 hours recently installed two automated vertical storage towers to facilitate fast picking of slow-moving inventory so they can get their orders out more efficiently. The storage towers allow the warehouse to utilize their vertical overhead space instead of taking up room on the production floor; this keeps parts stored in one convenient location at the point of use and allows operators to complete their tasks more efficiently. Click here to watch a video about how the vertical storage towers work. Take a video tour of the vertical storage tower machines.

Inventory & Space Benefits of Vertical Storage Towers

The central warehouse stored around 40,000 that needed to be kept in stock for the installation sector and ready to be shipped within 24 hours at all times. With the company's recent expansion in its range of small items, the warehouse processed more than 16,000 order lines per day. However, since expanding, their space had become limited. They needed a space-saving solution that could also guarantee that orders could be reliably fulfilled for their 24 hour service. The enclosed system also protects items from dirt and dust accumulation, ensuring that all shipped items are of the highest picking slow moving inventory automated storage batching

Two automated vertical storage towers were installed that measured almost 100 feet high, allowing the warehouse to take full advantage of their overhead air space without having to take up valuable floor storage areas. The warehouse still has space for six more vertical lift units in their purpose-built storage tower.

Employees were also incredibly pleased with the vertical storage towers' built-in workspaces, which are ergonomic, user-friendly, and operated with the latest software. Employees can combine five orders to form a batch and prepare them all for shipping with very little effort (click here to learn more about batch picking software for vertical storage towers). Each of the vertical storage towers pick around 500 orders per day. Since the towers were installed, the warehouse has been able to add an additional 3,000 items to its range of small parts, and there are plans to add 3,000 more. The warehouse plans to add the additional six vertical lifts over the next few years, allowing them to avoid downtimes and spread out costs.

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