What To Do When You’ve Run Out Of Storage Space

The lack of storage space is a very common problem many offices face. Over the years filing systems continue to grow past the intentions of their original design. So what do you do when there isn’t any more room for additional lateral file cabinets? Now there is a creative way to save office space that makes use of your lateral files cabinets by putting them on tracks.

How Do Lateral File Cabinets On Tracks Work?

lateral file cabinets move on tracks to save spaceLateral file cabinets on tracks condense your space for file storage by stacking rows of cabinets one in front of the other. Individual lateral file cabinets slide back in forth on tracks in front of other cabinets or shelving to maximize floorspace. For example, if you have a row of 5 lateral file cabinets against a wall, you can add another row of 4 cabinets in front by putting them on tracks. The tracks allow the front row of cabinets to be moved side-to-side, giving you access to the back row.

If you really want to condense your space, you can add another row in front of those cabinets. Sliding lateral file cabinets can be placed in front of cabinets, shelving, racks, or practically anything else. For instance, you can place tracks with sliding lateral file cabinets in front of file box shelving racks. This is a great application because archival file boxes don’t get accessed very often, and you can reduce your offsite storage costs.

triple deep lateral file cabinets are a creative way to save space

Advantages of Putting Lateral File Cabinets on Tracks

Additional advantages of putting lateral file cabinets on tracks include:

  • If you have a smaller storage space, putting the lateral cabinets on tracks centralizes your file storage area.
  • Because files are stored together, your office is better organized. And frequently used files can be kept closer to employees.
  • Employees will spend less time searching for files in multiple locations.
  • Making better use or your exiting storage systems and office space will reduce lease space costs.

You can buy lateral file cabinets on tracks online from StoreMoreStore (Shop for your lateral file cabinets on tracks now).

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