Wall Mounted Seating

Wall Mounted Folding Bench SeatAre you looking for temporary seating that doesn’t take up any floor space? Consider incorporating a wall-mounted folding bench seats into your building design plans.

When businesses face space constraints, fold-down wall seating is an excellent solution. Many businesses and facilities face space limitations in areas of their floor plan, including in conference rooms, exam rooms, hallways, reception areas, and more.

When this seating isn’t in use, it folds up toward the wall and uses less than four inches. Like Murphy bed-style furniture, a jumpseat fits in with the room’s décor and is out of sight when not in use. That’s beneficial in businesses and facilities with small rooms that don’t have space for dedicated seating. Another benefit is that this seating is right at the user’s fingertips, and there’s no need to set it up.

Understanding the Wall Mounted Folding Seats

Adding additional seating to a reception area or other business areas is notorious for taking up floor space that’s already scarce. A wall-mounted chair provides temporary seating solutions in various settings, including in healthcare facilities, overflow hallway seating, student lecture halls, and other public areas.

Because conventional seating takes up a considerable amount of space when they’re not in use, many businesses and facilities are looking for alternatives. A wood cantilever chair folds down from the wall as a space-saving feature. The flex springs in the chair adjust according to the user’s spine movements. The seat’s design features plywood slats that cantilever into position instead of using hardware or hinges.wall mount healthcare jumpseat

A jumpseat features designs specifically for the following examples:

  • Auditoriums
  • Conference rooms
  • Group meeting areas
  • Hallways in nursing homes and more
  • Lecture halls
  • Lobbies
  • Theaters
  • Patient rooms
  • Waiting rooms

Why Facilities Should Use Wall Mounted Folding Seats

Incorporating compact seating that’s durable and flexible where space limitations are present is challenging. When facilities include wall-mounted chairs into their floor plan, it helps free up that valuable space. The seats feature a low-profile design that’s barely noticeable when they fold up against the wall. Facilities can implement this solution anywhere that they require temporary seating.

This seating solution is not only space-saving, but it also helps facilities that need adaptability and flexibility. For example, facilities can find various options, including floor-mounted, unmounted, and wall-mounted. Facilities can also choose between fixed or movable bases. That way, they have the adaptability and flexibility they need.

When facilities harness the benefits of wall-mounted seating, that means they can provide seating to the building’s current occupants and extra guests. Here are several more reasons why facilities should incorporate a jumpseat into their building design:

  • folding wall seating chairsAesthetics: For some companies, the idea of having towers of chairs stacked in the corner is unappealing. Because they might not have a storage closet to house extra chairs, choosing an aesthetically pleasing solution is crucial. Not only does wall-mounted seating provide easy storage and solve that problem, but it does so in a way that integrates with the facility’s existing décor and design.
  • Maintenance: Choosing systems to accommodate extra occupants must also be easy to maintain. That includes how they install, their anti-staining properties, and cleaning the flooring beneath them. Many businesses and facilities already face time constraints maintaining their existing seatings. Implementation of fold-down wall seating means they don’t have to worry about maintenance taking up too much time.
  • Productivity: Many businesses and facilities need extra space to seat workers during lectures, meetings, and other functions. If that seating isn’t comfortable, it’s difficult for workers to remain productive. Therefore, when they need extra seating, it must be convenient to use, seat occupants comfortably, and fold away in no time at all. Including wall-mounted folding bench seat options checks off all of those boxes.
  • Ergonomics: Ergonomics is another critical consideration that companies must make when choosing extra seating. This temporary seating solution must be comfortable on the user’s spine and comfortably reach the floor. Not only does this help occupants maintain a healthy posture, but it also reduces fatigue and pain when the seating is in use.


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How the Compact Seating Maximizes Space and Improves Productivity

folding seats for tight spacesA work environment’s design must accommodate the project’s needs to ensure efficiency and productivity. If the environment isn’t comfortable, workers can’t perform at their best. Improving efficiency and productivity also must include ways to maximize space for many businesses and facilities. That means incorporating a folding bench seat or chair for the office that nearly disappears when not in use.

A wall-mounted chair helps maximize space while simultaneously providing comfortable seating where there are space constraints. For example, a facility’s conference room can typically accommodate workers around one or more tables. However, if that business wants to host guests from another company, there might not be enough seating. That’s where including fold-down wall seating into building designs comes into play.

Because a jumpseat only requires a few inches of wall space, they’re a cost-effective solution compared to rearranging rooms when larger groups of people are present. This seating solution is convenient, helps improve efficiency, and provides comfortable options for occupants.

Benefits and Features of a Jump Seat

Despite their compact size, temporary seating doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. No matter if it’s overflow into a hallway or extra seating in a lecture hall, every jumpseat comes with one-inch seat cushions and one-quarter-inch back cushions.

Additional benefits include:

Antimicrobial surface prevents deterioration, odor, and stains.

  • Birch plywood manufactures from NAUF (No added urea-formaldehyde)
  • Durable powder-coated steel frame
  • Includes easy to install mounting hardware
  • Mounting makes floors beneath the jumpseat easy to clean

One of the most notable features of fold-down wall seating is that it automatically springs back into place when it’s not in use. Each wall-mounted chair features plywood slats, which eliminates the need for hinges. These, coupled with its space-saving features, make this seating solution ideal for facilities that need to accommodate occupants within a small floorplan.

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Additional features include:

  • Center-to-center measurements are 22 incheswall folding bench chair seating
  • Comfortable back and seat cushions
  • Doesn’t use hinges
  • Examples of finishes include laminate, veneer, and wood stain
  • Seats can hold up to 600 pounds
  • Seats mount six inches from the floor
  • Takes up four inches of wall space when folded

Technical Specifications and Design

As companies continue facing space constraints, it requires better-designed floor plans for maximizing seating capacities. It isn’t uncommon for companies to turn to in-house engineering teams to provide these solutions. Architects and designers have expertise regarding building designs featuring seating solutions for athletic, educational, healthcare, law enforcement, military, and more industries.

General Technical Specifications:

  • Flex springs
  • Four-inch profile
  • Plywood slats
  • Upholstered back and seat

Space Saving Seating Solutions

It isn’t uncommon for businesses and facilities to lack additional space for seating. Implementation of a compact seating design means maximizing seating without compromising floor space. The technical specifications for each jumpseat vary by the type of seating and its mounting. In addition, we offer free Revitfree revit fold down seat filesfiles to architects and designers. Here are several examples:

wall mounted folding bench seatsModel: Folding Wall Mounted Engineered Wood Cantilever Chair: #JUMWA01-BXXX-500-A

  • Capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Construction: Birch plywood folding chair with steel base
  • Minimum depth: 4.”
  • Standard depth: 18.25.”
  • Minimum height: 38.”
  • Standard width: 19 3/4″
  • Minimum width: 19.75.”
  • Weight: 30 lbs.

Model: Folding Angled Engineered Wood Cantilever Chair: #JUMA01-BXXX-500-A

  • Capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Construction: birch plywood and steel base
  • Fixed base minimum depth: 9.”
  • Fixed base standard depth: 9.”
  • Fixed base maximum depth: 22 1/2″
  • Movable base minimum depth: 11.”
  • Movable base standard depth: 22.”
  • Movable base maximum depth: 12 3/4″
  • Weight: 30 lbs.

Model: Folding Floor Mounted Engineered Wood Cantilever Chair: #JUM90A01-BXXX-500-A

  • Construction: birch plywood and steel base
  • Standard width: 19 3/4″
  • Standard depth: 18 1/4″
  • Minimum depth: 4 3/4″
  • Minimum height: 36 3/4″
  • Weight: 30 lbs.

When companies use expert on-site designers, they can integrate this seating solution with their existing floor plans. Implementation of a jumpseat design in a business or facility’s current floor plan involves several architectural and design phases.

Architectural and design phases:

  1. Spec creation following a thorough site evaluation
  2. CAD drawings and plan presentation
  3. Integration of project with existing floor plans
  4. Installation

Maximize Seating in Space-Constrained Areas

Southwest Solutions provides innovative designs for wall-mounted seating and expert installation. Reach out to one of our professional expert designers by calling us at 1-866-447-8340 or send us a message. They’ll discuss with you how to incorporate this seating solution into your business’s floor plan.