Rolling war room box carts 

trial file and record mobile storage solutionsThere is a lot of preparation that goes into getting ready for a trial. For this reason, it is important that litigation teams, including lawyers, paralegals and consultants have a place designated for them to meet and review legal files and records, as well as fine tune their case presentation strategy prior to the start of the trial. In addition, having easy access to certain resources such as legal war room box carts will help those involved determine and execute the proper course of action when trying a case. In addition to legal war room box carts, we offer several other legal storage solutions to help legal teams operate smoothly and work more efficiently. We offer more than just legal war room box carts. Click here for more on our other legal storage solutions. 

Record mobile storage solutions transport documents easier

Equipped with caster wheels that move, these trial file and record mobile storage solutions are great resources for legal teams to use. With the help of these legal war room box carts, legal files and records pertinent to a case can be easily retrieved from a larger file room and transported more quickly and efficiently to the war room for analysis. In addition, because these trial file and record mobile storage solutions have tilted multi-level shelving, legal teams are provided with easier access to information and can delve into the contents of case files and records faster, without wasting valuable time needed to rehearse or practice their presentation before a trial gets underway. (See Images) for a more extensive image gallery of trial file and record mobile storage solutions.

Legal war room box carts are valuable assets 

trial record and file mobile storage solutionsCase files and records moved from one place to another by way of these legal war room carts, are positioned at a slight angle. This makes the contents more visible to those with access to the information. In addition, it is the tilted multi-level shelving that make these trial file and record mobile storage solutions such a valuable asset to litigation teams. Because of it, a combination of evidence boxes – three to a row – several case files and records fit neatly on it. This allows for legal teams to waste less time gathering information and spend more time concentrating on preparing themselves, as well as witnesses for trial.

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