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legal size sliding shelves cabinets for law officesMany law offices and law firms have trouble accommodating case file storage, especially since case files can require different types of storage methods. One law firm was seeking a better way to accommodate their case file storage close to their desks to help with day-to-day filing but had yet to find an efficient and space-saving alternative. Sliding shelves and cabinets proved to be a valuable solution to store file boxes, binders, and folders in one area at the point of use for this law office. Click here to buy sliding shelves and cabinets online.

Legal-Size Sliding Shelves & Cabinets

Traditional lateral filing drawers are a very limited storage option for case files. For example, one individual case file can contain large file boxes, binders, and file folders in one, and conventional filing drawers can’t meet the storage needs of all of these at once. This leads to binders being stacked on top of one another to fit in the drawers and file boxes stored on the floor next to the cabinets. This type of storage is not only inefficient but disorganized and can lead to lost or misplaced files.

The law firm needed an alternative point-of-use filing solution that would allow the staff to store all three types of files in one space and without any adjusting for the interior of the cabinets so all materials for one case file could be stored in the same location for organization and ease of retrieval.

store record file boxes binders folders for law offices

A custom cabinet was selected as the point-of-use storage system for the administrative staff. The cabinet has six shelves that are all designed at the appropriate height for housing file boxes, binders, and files equally without needing to raise or lower the shelves. The staff has full access and utilization to each shelf due to the removal of the center support frame.

These cabinets were installed in both stationary applications and in centralized filing spaces for high-density mobile storage. The cabinets are mounted on rails to provide two rows of filing equipment in nearly the same footprint. The front shelf sections rest on movable carriages that slide easily back and forth, which allows quick access to the back row of stationary shelving.

The law office now enjoys increased capacity for file storage and more space for other functions. In fact, the law office has saved so much space that they have even added additional lawyer’s offices. The new filing solutions can also be attributed to increased productivity since the staff now spends less time searching for files. The cabinets also provide additional security, since the file boxes can now be locked up behind closed doors instead of being stacked on the floor. The law office staff also enjoys the more organized and less cluttered work environment.

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