Subdivided drawer shelf cabinet with work surface countertop

subdivided drawer shelf cabinetThe flexibility of one drawer is all it takes to get the most out your storage, especially when working with subdivided drawer shelf cabinet with a work surface countertop. This is not one entity but, rather, four separate systems. All, of which, can be fitted with this drawer. With it, configurations can take the form of any of the four systems with ease. The ability of the drawer to meet your needs in four areas is not affected in any way, no matter what kind of subdivided drawer shelf cabinet storage you have access to. These include:

  • Tools, components and instrumentation are brought right to the point of use, while also kept completely organized
  • Use of cubic capacity is maximized for improved space utilization
  • The drawer, itself, can be subdivided to accommodate the creation of custom compartments
  • Long-last functionality and ease of use are provided for with support from the stability it offers

A selection of stationary and mobile industrial cabinets, both with equal degrees of storage flexibility, are available online as an alternative to subdivided drawer shelf cabinet work surface countertop. (See more)

Subdivided drawer shelf cabinet benefits

subdivided drawer shelf cabinet work surface countertop stacked and mobile storageWhether you’re wanting to achieve greater storage efficiency, added convenience or just create a more practical workspace, there is a configuration of subdivided drawer shelf cabinet work surface countertop stacked and mobile storage that is right for you. The inclusion of several features just goes to show that any one with access to the systems stands to fully benefit from their use. Safety, security and reduced shrinkage are taken care of because all cabinets are equipped with an individual lock and two keys. The use of ergonomic handles allows for improved safety, appearance and ergonomics by ensuring nothing inside sticks out when its drawers are closed. Hinged label holders simplify identification, retrieval and inventory control by allowing for easy labeling of drawer contents. Drawers fully extend for easy access and complete use of storage, even if filled to capacity. Drawer dividers provide added convenience when it comes to labeling. The identification of compartment contents is more accurate and inventory control is handled with ease, as a result of their use. A patented drawer locking system provides an added measure of safety and security by ensuring all others remain closed, if one is open. This helps prevent the system from accidentally tipping over. A suspension system ensures durability, while also allowing for smooth and quiet operation.

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Subdivided drawer shelf cabinet adds storage efficiency

By equipping the system with open shelving at the top, the subdivided drawer shelf cabinet handles housing for bulkier-sized inventory with improved efficiency. Shelf cabinets are available with or without a sliding door that locks for extra security. Both housing and doors come in bright blue. The interior and shelving of open shelf cabinet configurations are also bright blue, while the interior for sliding door cabinets is bright blue with gray shelves. See more articles on drawer and shelving cabinets.

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