Space-saving stacked bike parking racks with wheel storage trays 

stacked bike parking racks wheel storage traysDouble-decker stacked bike parking racks with wheel storage trays provide a condominium garage bicycle shelf solution that does not monopolize much floor space. Users have the option to secure valued equipment on the top or lower levels, ensuring ergonomic and safe access during retrieval. Components used to secure items in place install staggered to ensure enough clearance between each and prevent damage during nonuse. The sturdy, space-saving design allows users to pile bikes overhead and maximize vertical capacity within the small footprint.

The freestanding models occupy a footprint no larger than 8′ and can store anywhere from eight to 14 bikes depending on the chosen configuration. Apartment complex management and residents benefit in different ways from the systems’ use. Property handlers can advertise it as a convenient amenity to prospective renters and increase occupancy potential. Residents avoid injuries while transporting bikes in building elevators or stairwells. The solutions even allow use in other spaces such as police departments and universities, increasing their versatility. 

Cost-effective condominium garage bicycle shelf systems

These condominium garage bicycle shelf solutions have many features that enhance value without adding to the cost. Among them are:

condominium garage bicycle shelf

  • Constructed from 16-gauge galvanized steel durable enough to provide reliable service that lasts years. The rack vertical uprights have a 1/8″ steel angle design while the horizontal pieces feature 14-gauge steel formed channel construction that adds strength.
  • The wheel trays feature 16-gauge galvanized steel strong enough to support bike weight and have a teardrop tire slot (patent pending) that secures road, racing and mountain bikes in place.
  • The wheel trays withstand staggered placement using horizontal trays and diagonal trays to provide clearance between bikes and prevent damage.
  • Able to accommodate any bicycle type or size except tandems.
  • To ensure safe and accurate loading, place bikes onto the rack’s storage trays and roll forward until the front wheel drops into the tear-shaped tire slot. 
  • Systems allow easy do-it-yourself installation with standard hand tools. 

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