Storing large numbers of bicycles safely and efficiently can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be with the right storage rack. Police bike storage racks provide efficient ways to store bicycles with minimal risk of damage or personnel injury, whether wall-mounted, stacking, or even hanging from the ceiling.

Bike storage racks are useful in various applications, including public safety. Police departments often need efficient ways to store bikes for their patrol officers and storage for stolen bikes. Read on to learn about the best bike storage racks for these needs.

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Bike Racks for Patrol Officers

Police Bike StorageMany police departments have officers who patrol their communities on bicycles, which creates a need for safe and efficient storage for these bikes when they are not in use. Wall-mounted police bike racks are a simple and cost-effective solution.

With wall-mounted brackets, bicycles are secured to the wall upright, freeing up floor space for more productive use. And because the bikes are spaced apart in individual heavy-duty steel brackets and elevated off the floor, there is less risk of damage to the bikes. The wall-mounted police bike racks also provide easy access; officers can get the bike they need quickly and easily without moving the other stored bikes around.

In addition to the static wall brackets, automated wall-mounted hanging bike racks enable you to store bikes higher off the ground while minimizing the risk of personnel injury when storing and retrieving bikes. Great for facilities with ample overhead space, these storage racks can be mounted high on walls, leaving room for additional storage shelving beneath. At the push of a button, the rack automatically lowers bikes to the ground for safe and easy retrieval. Like the static brackets, the hanging storage rack frees up floor storage space and keeps bikes out of casual reach, minimizing the risk of damage.

These wall-mounted bike rack options are ideal for storing bikes for patrol officers and for storing stolen bikes, along with the solutions discussed below. (Check out all of our public safety storage solutions here.)

Storing Stolen Bikes

Bike Storage for Law EnforcementStoring stolen bikes can become a hassle for law enforcement without the proper storage solutions. These bikes often get crowded in warehouses or other facilities, but the following solutions can optimize your storage capacity and keep stolen bikes organized and stored safely and efficiently.

Hanging Bike Storage Shelving

These freestanding, solid steel bike racks store bicycles vertically to maximize floor space and increase accessibility. The durable racks are modular to fit your space requirements and adjust to accommodate bikes of various sizes. The racks also come with an adjustable top shelf for additional storage. These bike storage racks provide a more efficient way to store stolen bicycles, decreasing the risk of damage to the bikes and making it easy to access a needed bike without disturbing the other stored bikes.

Bicycle Storage for Police

Another option for storing stolen bikes is double-tiered stacker storage racks. Due to the double-tiered design, these modular racks can store 8 to 14 bikes in about 8’ of space. Bikes lock into a steel tray, and the clearance between the trays minimizes the risk of damage to the stored bikes. The storage racks accommodate bikes of different sizes and types, including road, racing, and mountain bikes. The durable steel racks are adjustable and are available in various widths depending on your storage needs.

Slide-Out Vertical Bike Racks

Slide-out vertical bike racks are multi-level racks storing five bikes for every 2 ½’ wide area, maximizing your storage capacity in a given space. Bikes are stored in individual cradles that slide out for easy retrieval; bikes on the upper storage level are retrieved using an extension rod tool to slide out the storage cradle and lower it to an ergonomic, waist-high level for retrieval. This vertical storage system keeps bikes stored safely, with maximum visibility, making it another excellent option for storing stolen bikes.

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Overhead Bike Storage Lifts

Overhead bike storage lifts are a great way to store stolen bikes safely while freeing up floor space for facilities with overhead space. These automated storage racks lift stored bikes to the ceiling, hanging securely overhead. For safe inspection or retrieval, authorized personnel can use a key code to lower the bikes to floor level. The racks have a modular design with single-sided or double-sided options; a unit can store 10 to 60 bikes, depending on the configuration. Overhead bike storage lifts provide an efficient solution for storing stolen bikes safely in unused overhead space.

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