No creating space for vertical wall mounting bike parking storage saves money.

vertical wall mounting bike parking storageUrban-city cyclists are turning out in droves. Many district communities are having to secure space to accommodate bikes as a result. It is challenging since most existing buildings weren’t designed to accommodate such things. Not impossible, though, if using vertical wall mounting bike parking storage. The system uses already available space to make hanging commuter riding bicycles easier.

There isn’t a better product to corner the market, either. Over 780,000 Americans pedaled to work five years ago. Ordinances also exist in areas mandating commercial property owners provide secure bicycle parking. The problem most face is creating the space at zero cost to the tenants.

Vertical wall mounting bike parking storage allows you to save on space construction costs. Its ability to install right in an unused area makes this possible, resulting in money saved. A sturdy steel bracket helps to secure hanging commuter riding bicycles in place. Attached to it is a security cable that has a free end to accommodate a user anti-theft lock.

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Hanging commuter riding bicycles improve organization & access

Bikes sit in a row with the bracket securing their front wheel to ensure stability. Hanging commuter riding bicycles this way improves their organization and accessibility. The clutter that results from having to store bikes on the floor is gone, allowing better space usage.

Vertical wall mounting bike parking storage features

hanging commuter riding bicyclesVertical wall mounting bike parking storage features include:

  • Units made from heavy-duty 11-gauge (1/8″ thick) steel
  • Precision laser cut and formed.
  • Include two 1/2″ round holes to make wall mounting installation easy
  • Heavy duty vinyl-coated aircraft quality cable connects to mounting base to secure bicycles. Clear vinyl coating on cable protects bicycle finish during use.
  • Ideal for residential, institutional, and commercial use. 

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