Keep Bikes Safe and Secure with Outdoor Bicycle Storage Lockers

outdoor stainless bike lockers for businesses needing bicycle storageMany people are riding their bicycles to work or school to save money on gas or to protect the environment. But many businesses do not have a place for employees to safely store their bikes while they are at the office. More and more businesses are providing Outdoor Bicycle Storage Lockers for their employees. Providing employees peace of mind that their primary mode of transportation is safe and secure is important.

The Outdoor Bicycle Storage Lockers protect bikes from the elements and from those that might vandalize or steal it while no one is watching. Also, parking your possession out of view hinders those that might take advantage of an otherwise unattended bike, chained to a tree or post where wheels, handlebars, and accessories are inviting to some unscrupulous people.

Features of the Outdoor Bicycle Storage Lockerscorporate bike storage locker made of stainless steel

The Outdoor Bicycle Storage Lockers are made of heavy gauge powder coated steel, which will provide years of service. The bike lockers have various locking options to allow you to choose the type that fits your location best. There are also options to fabricate the lockers in stainless steel as well as aluminum. Additional features include:

  • 2 door / 2 bike capacity (single also available)
  • 75″L x 39″W x 46″H (Single and double capacity)
  • Locking Device options: Pop-out T-handle, User’s lock hasps, or electronic key
  • Advanced internal locking hardware, engages bottom and side
  • Metal divider with double door models
  • Convenient leveling feet in all 4 corners
  • Anchor bracketsoutdoor bicycle storage lockers fit 2 bikes
  • Walls, Top and Door Frames of heavy duty metal
  • Pan constructed doors built with 12 gauge sheet metal
  • Continuous stainless steel piano hinge for strength
  • Powder-coat finish, variety of colors

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