Pivoting file cabinet shelving optimize space adding capacity

pivoting file cabinet shelvingPivoting file cabinet shelving was used in the interest of establishing more storage capacity for a victim assistance county department. Although the exact reason for the limited file space is unknown, one can surmise that the caseload was growing at a faster rate than the space available for storage. Filing capacity was quickly running out in any case. The situation was further complicated by the fact that floor space to accommodate an expansion did not exist. This was in part due to the fact that it was already occupied by existing storage. An alternative was needed. Double-banked with more storage than traditional filing cabinets, the revolving self and drawer filing storage tower adequately met departmental concerns by providing additional storage capacity, while operating in the same footprint once occupied by traditional storage for optimal space savings. Over 250 percent of added storage capacity was made available for use, as a result. Pivoting file cabinet shelving can be used for more than storing case files. (Watch video)

How the revolving shelf & drawer filing storage tower works

The ability of this revolving shelf and drawer filing storage tower to create additional storage capacity with such ease is simple to understand, if you know how it works. Rows of pivoting file cabinet shelving begin with starter units, which can stand alone or be flanked by adder units. A foot pedal facilitates its rotation, creating easy access to both sides of storage. The use of adder units turns it into a system that not only provides you with even more space to store your stuff, but allows you to effectively reduce the floor space needed for the starter unit by a degree of six inches in width. This is made possible because the adder units share rotation space. Accommodations for improved accessibility to everything file folders and binders to case records and resource materials can be easily factored in with the addition of full adder units, which provides its own rotation space.

revolving shelf and drawer filing storage tower

Benefits to using pivoting file cabinet shelving

The benefit of using pivoting file cabinet shelving extends far beyond improving access, capacity and optimizing space for storage, however. Optional features can be added to help further establish improved organization, added convenience and enhanced security. This includes bins storage, laminate work surfaces and security drawers, just to name a few. Additional benefits associated with using this revolving self and drawer filing storage tower include:

  • It is a space-efficient and cost-effective storage alternative to traditional file cabinet shelving
  • Use it as a central location for storage, placing what you need most closer to the point-of-use. This will not only streamline process, but reduce hunting.
  • Resource tools, parts and supplies will be better organized
  • An added measure of security will be established for stored supplies
  • System design provides storage flexibility to meet your needs
  • Maintain inventory of tools, parts and supplies, keeping them from being lost or damaged
  • Organizational efficiency and productivity levels will also be much improved

revit bim models

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