Mobile Filing System Solves Government Agency’s File Storage

government agency's new mobile filing system

An Austin area government agency was consolidating offices and needed a way to increase their file storage capacity without increasing their floor space. The agency contacted Southwest Solutions Group’s Daryl Miller to solve their storage and space dilemma. Daryl was able to provide the agency with a Mobile Filing System that met all of their space requirements. Click here to learn more about high-density mobile shelving.

Mobile Filing System Saves 2,200 Square Feet of Floor Space

To store all of the files from both buildings in their stationary shelves, the government agency was going to need 5,500 square feet of floor space. Because the Mobile Filing System compacts file storage by reducing unnecessary access aisles, it was able to store all of their files in only 2,300 square feet. That is a space savings of 2,200 square feet! (watch a video of comparison video of a Mobile Filing System versus lateral cabinets)

Mobile Filing System Provides a Fast Return on Investment

The government agency was able to gain a fast return on their Mobile Filing System investment because they didn’t have to invest in construction to expand their building. In addition, they were able to save even more money because they don’t have to pay additional overhead costs (heating, cooling, lighting, etc.) for additional floor space. If you take the average building operation costs of $6 per square feet to heat, light, cool, and maintain commercial space multiply $6 by the 2,200 square feet floor space saved by not adding extra office space, the government agency would realize approximately $13,200 savings in annual operating costs.

plan drawing of the mobile filing system

Other Government Requirements Achieved with the Mobile Filing System

  • Met all ADA, Fire Code, and OSHA safety requirements
  • Provided Infrared Safety System to protect personnel and materials in the open/live aisles
  • Rails were installed to on raised access floor to provide a smooth floor surface
  • Easy to use and adjust file dividers

Designing and Installing Mobile Filing Systems

Southwest Solutions Group® provides Mobile Filing Systems for all types of storage and filing systems for government agencies, schools, police departments, law firms, and hospitals. We also provide ongoing services such as installations, relocations, and preventative maintenance. If you have a file dilemma and are interested in what a Mobile Filing System can do to save you money, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will put you in touch with your local storage and filing expert.

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Moving Filing Cabinets are Less Expensive than Lateral File Cabinets

Another great benefit of using moving filing cabinets is they are less expensive than lateral file cabinets. Below is a comparison between lateral file cabinets and moving filing cabinets that displays floor space and investment budget comparisons.

lateral file cabinets and moving filing cabinets comparrison table


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