Swiftspace Office Furniture Frequently Asked Questions

swiftspace mobile office furniture and desking systemsTraditional office furniture and cubicles aren’t flexible or practical. But flexibility is so important in the modern work culture because your employees no longer spend their days working the same way they used to. And the number of workstations, desking systems, and benching systems is always fluctuating. Swiftspace office furniture is the solution your business needs. Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

How much does Swiftspace cost?

Initial costs are competitive with traditional cubicle systems. Installation costs are much less, and when you move, there’s less down time and wasted productivity.

What types of office furniture options are available?

  • Mobile desk workstations: These are the most similar to traditional office cubicles, offering privacy walls and more space.
  • Benching systems: Without large walls, these systems encourage more collaboration, and they are better for smaller spaces.
  • Rolling meeting booth: These booths create a private meeting space anywhere whether it’s in your office or off-site at an event.
  • Flip-top workstations: These workstations serve a dual purpose as an adjustable desk and as a portable whiteboard.

These are the main types of Swiftspace office furniture available, and each selection works just as well by itself as it does combined.

Does set-up require professional installers?

There is no need to hire a professional team to install or reconfigure your furniture. Every model of Swiftspace office furniture can be setup in just minutes by an untrained individual.  Casters, hinges, and simple clasps make setup a one-person job.

What are the steps for setting up the workstations?

What used to take days and hours of labor can now be done in a few minutes.

  1. Move the transport tab, lock it into place, and push the walls open.
  2. Bring the work surfaces up and snap them into place with the locating pin.
  3. Lock the work surfaces with the rubber clamp.
  4. Pull down the side panels and lock them into position with the spring-loaded bolt.
  5. Turn the glides to level the work surface top.
  6. Lock the casters into place.

That’s it; you’re done. (Watch a video to see how we set up a workstation.)

swiftspace benching system folded down for storageWhat makes the workstations mobile?

All of the workstation and benching system products are on casters for easy moving. The single-piece designs allow the products to be easily transported. And because they fold up, you can transport them quickly in vehicles to different locations or swing spaces.

Are the workstations as durable as cubicles?

Built with high end materials and having undergone rigorous testing, the workstation and benching systems have demonstrated an ability to withstand the many stresses of the working world just like cubicles. Here are the general construction specifications (individual products may vary):

  • 40mm lightweight grey aluminum frame
  • 4mm twin wall clear polycarbonate upper panels
  • 4mm melamine lower panels
  • 25mm thick high pressure laminate tops with a particle board core and 1mm edging
  • 63.5mm diameter casters with grey rubber wheels that swivel and lock

What are the available workstation sizes?swiftspace office furniture workstation cubicles

Basic sizing options include:

  • Overall size options – 4’x4’, 4’x6’, 6’x6’, 6’x8’ or 8’x8’
  • Wall angle options – 90 degrees, 120 degrees, 180 degrees
  • Workstation height options– 29”, 41″, 52”, or 66”
  • For more detailed sizing options, please contact us.

What is the best way to handle electrical and data requirements in the workstation?

The best way to get electrical/data to the workstations is to use an in or above floor power/data raceway system to create a complete grid in the room. Once the grid is in place it the entire space becomes a “plug and play” scenario. (Learn more about cabling raceways systems here.)

If a hardwired connection is required for data, then a data cable can run from wherever the data enters the space and along the underside of the worksurface to the center of the work area. Each station has cable ties on the underside of all surfaces to hold the cable in place and out of visual view. The distribution of power in the station is handled through the use of a separate add on surge protected power bar.

Are there any accessories available to add to the workstation?

There are a ton of accessories and enhancements for you to choose from including:mobile meeting booth office furniture

  • accessory rail/slot wall
  • binder holder
  • pen/pencil holder
  • paper tray
  • area task light
  • keyboard arm and tray
  • cpu holder
  • monitor arms
  • whiteboard
  • fabric tackboard
  • add-on privacy panel
  • overhead storage

Contact Us for Your Swiftspace Office Furniture

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation for Swiftspace office furniture. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have and will even provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.