Desking & benching solutions for improved productivity

desking and benching solutionsTrends are fleeting. No matter how long they last, however, they always come full circle. That means everything from decades earlier eventually becomes popular again, even office furniture. Although the look and feel of these products has evolved over time to create a more modern office environment, the design and functionality of desking and benching solutions create cooperative green and productive workspace that was largely desired and sought after during the latter half of the 20th century. The workstations effectively aid businesses in improving upon their productivity levels, maintain privacy and support sustainability, while meeting the demands for more flexibility at work. Transformed from a closed-folded position to fully-accessible collaborative office furniture in a matter of moments, they can be fitted with or without walls for improved productivity. The no walls option supports the desire for an open floor plan and encourages an exchange of ideas between colleagues, while the walls option creates a secluded setting for when privacy is needed. See desking and benching solutions video.

Desking & benching solutions support sustainability

Companies who use these desking and benching solutions can rest assure the well-being of employees and the environment is protected. The issue of sustainability is taken into account in several ways. These include the fact that no tools are required to assemble these desking and benching solutions. In addition, no external packaging is used. Reusable pallets are also used for shipping. Additionally, measures have been taken to reduce the level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that exist in paint and wood materials. In effect, these steps effectively worked to create cooperative green and productive workspace that can be used repeatedly for different purposes. The workstations are available in 15 standard colors. These include, but are not limited to, antique white, fashion grey, madagascar, evening tigris and river cherry.

Flexible desking and benching solutions

create cooperative green and productive workspacesThe level of flexibility these desking and benching solutions is uncanny. Because they fold up, less space is required to store them when they are not in use. And, since they roll with the support of caster wheels, these desking and benching solutions can be easily transported from one location to another whenever and wherever necessary. Accessories such as a CPU holder, slot wall, area task light and privacy panel provide additional convenience when working on a project. Desking and benching solutions cost effectively create cooperative green and productive workspace.

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