The Reality of Using Cubicles in Your Officefolding portable workstation desks are easy to set-up

As a facility manager, you’re in charge of managing and organizing the day-to-day operation needs of a business. And part of this responsibility includes planning and implementing the office moves and layouts. Of course layouts are subject to modifications any time there are changes within your organization (turnover, rapid expansion, mergers, and much more).

Traditionally, most organizations rely on cubicles as workstations for their employees. Cubicles seem simple – walls, desks and drawers joined together and easily taken apart; however, as you know, the reality is much more complex. Keeping up with all the hardware and parts is a real chore, and many times it can take days to move the cubicles because of all the time it takes to break them down and set them up.

setting up portable workstation desks takes less than a minute

Portable Workstation Desks: Easy to Set Up and Relocate

Thankfully, there is a new, innovative solution that solves this problem: portable workstation desks. The portable workstation desks come to you with all the hardware needed to set them up already attached. And assembling the workstation desks doesn’t require any tools – just your hands. Also, because the workstation desks breakdown just as quickly as they’re set up, they’re truly a portable solution that can be transported anywhere in your office.

The Simple Process to Set Up Portable Workstation Desks

What used to take days and hours of labor can now be done in a few minutes. The video above shows just how easy it is to set up the portable workstation desks. Here are the steps:portable workstation desks set-up faster than office cubicles

1. Move the transport tab, lock it into place, and push the walls open.
2. Bring the work surfaces up and snap them into place with the locating pin.
3. Lock the work surfaces with the rubber clamp.
4. Pull down the side panels and lock them into position with the spring-loaded bolt.
5. Turn the glides to level the work surface top.
6. Lock the casters into place.

That’s it; you’re done. In less than a minute, you can set up the portable workstation desk.

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