wind-powered ventilation turbine FAQs

Large diameter HVLS fans, 7-foot directional fans, and wind-powered ventilation exhaust turbines are all great energy-efficient ways to keep your facility and facility inhabitants comfortable and healthy. Health risks from Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) costs the U.S. economy $7-$23 billion per year; don’t let your business become a statistic. Here we will cover some frequently asked questions about the wireless wind-powered ventilation exhaust turbines. (See videos)

Q: How does the ventilation exhaust turbine reduce my energy costs? wind-powered ventilation exhaust turbine info

A: The turbines provide natural ventilation by exhausting hot, stale air that becomes trapped in your facility. This can reduce temperatures by up to 10°F, allowing you to raise your temperature’s set point without any noticeable change in comfort. And since the turbines are completely wind-driven, they require no electrical or wiring costs.

Q: How do the turbines reduce symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome?

A: The turbines don’t just exhaust hot air: they also exhaust harmful chemicals, odors, allergens, and other pollutants from your facility, which are the leading causes of SBS. The turbines exhaust over 7,000 CFM, allowing multiple air exchanges per hour for most efficient decontamination.

Q: How do the turbines work without electricity or wiring?

A: When wind blows over the turbines, the vents will spin and exhaust air on their own. The turbines only require a relatively gentle breeze of 10mph to exhaust air from your facility.

Q: Will the turbines be able to withstand adverse weather?

A: The ventilation turbines are specifically designed to be able to withstand high winds and adverse weather. Turbines are manufactured from 5005 grade aluminum and have been tested in continuous wind speeds up to 149 mph without sustaining any damage.

Q: How big are the turbines?

wind-driven roof turbines exhaust hot air & pollutants

A: The turbines are available in a variety of sizes from 24″ to 36″ in diameter.

Q: How loud are the turbines?

A: Operation is virtually silent, with minimal impact on your building’s structure.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Turbines come with a manufacturer’s 15 year warranty at no additional cost.

Q: Can the turbines be used with the large diameter fans and directional fans?

A: Yes. We actually recommend a turnkey system with the large diameter, directional, and exhaust turbines, though they are excellent standalone products as well. The large diameter fan de-stratifies the air in your facility, and the turbines exhaust hot air and introduce cool, fresh air that the fans then cycle throughout your building.

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