FAQs About Self-Service Package Lockers

apartment and condo self service package lockers for mail deliveryAs more and more companies add delivery services, managing packages for your apartment and condo residents becomes more and more complicated. Self-service package lockers are designed to uncomplicated the last stage of mail delivery. We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you learn how the lockers work. Click here to learn more about keyless digital lockers.

What is the make-up of the Self-Service locker system?

There is a bank of lockers and a 10.2″ diagonal computerized touch screen with its hardware housed in one of the lockers. Each bank of lockers is comprised of columns, with each column containing a mixture of extra small, small, medium, and large sized lockers.

How do Self-Service lockers change the availability of package pickup?

Because the lockers are secured, they can be installed in open areas, allowing for 24/7 package pickup. Most complexes choose to install the lockers near the mailboxes.

What’s the process for getting the packages in the lockers?

The computerized touch screen contains a directory of residents. Either the courier or the complex management selects the recipient’s name from the directory and size of the package. The system then opens an unused locker for the package to be placed in.

How are residents notified their package was delivered?

Once the package is placed in the locker, residents are immediately notified through an email or text message.

self-service package lockers touch screen interfaceHow do residents get their package?

When the resident is ready to pick up their package, they use the touch screen interface to enter a unique passcode or swipe a RFID card. This action automatically opens the locker compartment with the package.

How many self-service lockers does my complex need?

The number of lockers you’ll need is based on the number of units in your building. For example, a 700 unit building typically needs 87 lockers. We will work with your complex to determine your exact locker needs since not every building is the same. Click here to see self-service locker sizes and standard kits.

Is there any kind of tracking or monitoring system included?

Yes. Administrators have access to tailored reports that include an audit trail of deliveries and resident receipt activity. They also have access to monitor the systems performance and manual overrides in case of a power outage.

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