Apartment package lockers are a convenient and secure solution for managing package deliveries in multi-unit residential buildings, including apartments and condominiums. These self-service package lockers have gained significant popularity in recent years thanks to the growth of e-commerce and an increasing need for secure package management in residential buildings.

Apartment residents have preferred communities with convenient package management systems, and property managers and developers have begun to recognize the benefits of smart package locker systems.

This article will discuss apartment parcel lockers’ benefits, features, and history. To see more office storage solutions, view our market page.

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Benefits of Automated Package Lockers for Apartments

24/7 Access

package lockers apartmentsApartment package lockers offer residents the convenience of retrieving their packages at any time that suits them. Package lockers are accessible 24/7, allowing residents to retrieve their packages outside traditional business hours. This is particularly beneficial for residents working late or busy hours.

Ease of Use

Apartment package lockers have user-friendly interfaces for both delivery personnel and residents. Delivery personnel can quickly scan or enter package information, while residents can retrieve their packages using simple and intuitive interfaces. The automated package locker system includes a notification feature that informs residents via email, text message, or mobile app when a package has been delivered and is ready for pickup. The notification includes the code residents can use to retrieve their packages.


Automated package lockers make delivery and pickup more convenient for residents, apartment staff, and delivery personnel. Couriers can deliver packages directly to the locker compartments without staff assistance, and residents can pick up the packages at their convenience, even outside of traditional business hours. This also frees up time for management personnel to dedicate to other activities.

Contactless Delivery

apartment package lockersPackage lockers provide a safe and convenient solution when contactless delivery is preferred or required. Delivery personnel can place packages directly into the lockers without face-to-face interactions with staff or residents, promoting contactless practices.

Then, residents can use their phones to open the locker via a mobile app or QR code, eliminating the need for human interaction or even physical contact with the kiosk and locker for a fully contactless experience. UV sanitation and antimicrobial locker materials are also available.

Security and Theft Prevention

Package lockers provide a secure storage solution, protecting packages from theft or damage. Each resident’s package is stored in a locker, providing much better security than leaving packages piled together in a lobby or package room.

Apartment package lockers are also equipped with advanced security features to protect packages. These features include secure electronic locks, surveillance cameras, package sensors, and automatic transaction recording. Software monitoring provides a complete chain of custody so that residents can have peace of mind about the security of their packages.

Enhanced Locker Management

self service package lockersPackage lockers streamline the package management process for property managers. They eliminate the need for manual package handling, saving time and resources for staff and reducing clutter in the lobby or mailroom. And since each package is assigned to a specific locker, the risk of packages getting lost or misplaced is minimized.

In addition, apartment parcel locker systems include software with data tracking and analytics capabilities. A web portal provides administrators access to resident information, locker analytics, and other metrics. Thus, property managers can gather insights on package volume, delivery patterns, and resident usage, helping them make informed decisions and optimize their package management processes.

Custom Configurations

Apartment package lockers can be easily scaled and expanded to accommodate the needs of growing communities or properties. They offer flexibility regarding locker size, capacity, and configuration and can be customized to meet specific requirements. An automated package locker system can be located indoors or outdoors, including refrigerated and frozen lockers to accommodate orders like groceries, meal deliveries, and prescriptions. Visit our online store to see our office storage products.

How Apartment Package Lockers Work

smart package locker systemsAn automated package locker system is a convenient, easy-to-use apartment package delivery solution. The process for using these parcel delivery lockers is as follows:

  1. The courier logs into the locker system at the touchscreen kiosk. They select the package recipient on the screen and deposit the package in the designated locker, which locks automatically when closed.
  2. The package management system automatically sends an email, text, or mobile app notification to the package recipient. The notification includes a unique PIN or QR code allowing the recipient to access their locker anytime.
  3. The recipient uses the PIN, QR code, or app to access their locker compartment and retrieve their package at their convenience.

Apartment Parcel Locker Features

Apartment package lockers have many innovative features that provide the most secure and convenient storage. To begin, automated package locker systems are highly customizable, with various configurations and options, including temperature-controlled and oversized lockers that accommodate dry cleaning and large packages.

The automated package lockers feature a sturdy welded steel construction with an anti-corrosive powder coating. The smart lockers have IR sensor locks that open automatically and close manually. The kiosk includes an easy-to-use touchscreen, and the smartphone-enabled locker system can connect through Wi-Fi, hardware Ethernet, or LTE. Security features include package sensors, video surveillance, and comprehensive transacting recording.

Package management software provides tracking capabilities and data analytics. Residents receive automatic notifications when a package is ready for pickup and reminders if they forget. It also alerts property staff about unclaimed packages. The system software integrates with property management software for a seamless solution.

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