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Smart parcel tracking lockers afford secure, temporary storage for package deliveries or personal items. These keyless, software-controlled lockers manage and store valuables of various sizes in a variety of applications.

Package Lockers

Smart parcel lockers offer secure delivery of packages in apartments, universities, and workplaces, allowing 24/7 retrieval of deposited parcels.    go back to the top

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Touchless Access Lockers

These touchless lockers use NFC (Near Field Communications) to access lockers.    go back to the top

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Small Item High-Security Cabinets

High-security automated storage cabinets are easy to operate and provide the safest storage for visitors’ small personal effects such as keys and wallets.    go back to the top

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Key Security Cabinets

Organized, track, and manage a large number of keys in these high-security key cabinets.    go back to the top

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