The Future of Keyless Lockers

As modern technology advances, a state-of-the-art locker system affords companies a critical opportunity to set their facilities apart. A safe, visually appealing, and easy-to-use locker system enhances the experience of guests, employees, or students at your facility or campus. With unparalleled convenience and security, touchless lockers are the cutting edge of keyless locker technology, and they show that your facility is modern and people-focused. (Read about more keyless locker options here.) This article will discuss the following:

touchless contactless lockers

What are the benefits of touchless lockers?

  • More sanitary, since they eliminate physical contact with locks or keypads and thus minimize the spread of germs
  • Easier to use and manage, since users don’t have to worry about keeping up with a key or remembering a PIN code
  • More secure, since they eliminate the risk of a lock being forced or a code falling into the wrong hands; plus, advanced software options monitor your locker and warn you if there’s a break-in attempt
  • Great for temporary use as they are easy to reset and reassign; this means you can save money by installing only as many lockers as might be needed at a single time
  • A sleek, clean aesthetic, with a smooth surface free from bulky locks or handles

How do touchless lockers work?

touchless lockers rfidUnlike traditional lockers with physical locks and keys or the common alternative using a keypad with a PIN code, touchless lockers operate with RFID or Wi-Fi access. RFID lockers open based on proximity with a data carrier item, whether a card, fob, wristband, or even an app on your smartphone. Just hold the item up to the lock, and the door pops open without any physical contact. Some software options allow users to assign lockers to themselves using RFID. After placing your belongings inside an open locker, hold your data carrier against the lock to pair it and lock the locker, and you’ll be able to open it the same way later. (See videos see videos)

Wi-Fi lockers are a similar alternative. These contactless lockers operate from an alternate smartphone app that uses the user’s Wi-Fi or cellular connection to access the locker. Users can book available lockers and open them via the app. While generally not as reliable as RFID locks, Wi-Fi locks do provide greater functionality. They can also serve as a convenient backup to RFID access.

Advanced software options allow you to network installed lockers, with a central station that monitors locker occupancy, provides full audit tracking, sounds an alarm if it detects a break-in attempt, and allows administrators to open or lock all the lockers at once in the event of an emergency. It’s also a convenient solution should a user happen to forget which locker they rented, as they’ll be able to check their assignment on the main station.

Which applications benefit from touchless lockers?

Touchless lockers are a versatile storage solution suitable for nearly any industry. Read on to learn about three ideal applications for contactless lockers.

Touchless Student Lockers for Universities

touchless student lockersTouchless lockers are an efficient solution for universities that want to provide their students with a safe space to store their belongings. Improve your students’ experience by offering temporary lockers that students can rent during the day. This gives commuters, adjunct faculty, and students living in distant residence halls a central place to store textbooks, sports equipment, musical instruments, and other cumbersome belongings rather than having to carry them around all day.

Integrate the lockers into your existing system so that students can rent them through their online university portal and access them with their student IDs. Install lockers in a central location or in various buildings where they would be particularly useful—for example, outside science labs to keep personal belongings out of the way of chemicals, or to prevent students from bringing electronics or other materials into an exam. Plus, with heightened concerns about sanitation campus-wide, contactless student lockers help prevent the spread of germs and make the campus feel safer. Click here to read about how automated package lockers benefit university mailrooms.

Touchless Employee Lockers for Workplaces

Contactless employee lockers are an essential fixture of the modern workplace. It’s important to provide a secure place for your staff to store belongings while at work, and equally so to protect your employees’ well-being with the most hygienic option. Whether storing personal belongings during the day or locking up electronics or private documents that shouldn’t be left lying around after an employee clocks out, workplace lockers provide innumerable benefits to business offices. Touchless staff lockers also serve as a secure way for passing valuable materials between personnel, as software can allow both the employee storing, and the employee retrieving the materials to access the locker. Add to this their sleek, modern appearance and the ease with which administrators can manage the lockers, and it becomes clear that touchless personnel lockers are a must-have for a modern workplace.

Touchless Visitor Lockers for Public Buildings, Attractions, & Membership Clubs

touchless visitor lockersTouchless lockers are equally suitable for serving guests, customers, and members at a variety of public establishments. Contactless visitor lockers provide convenient, secure storage for guests at theme parks, water parks, ski resorts, zoos, aquariums, museums, and other attractions. Visitors will love the ease with which they can rent and access lockers, and administrators will appreciate how easy it is to reset and reassign lockers to new guests every day. The same goes for hospitals, government buildings, and other facilities that provide patients and visitors with secure storage for temporary use. Fitness centers and other membership clubs can accentuate the high quality of their facilities with sleek, touchless lockers. (Read about our sleek and sanitary back-painted glass lockers here.) As such businesses implement new measures to promote sanitation, touchless guest lockers not only minimize the spread of germs but also reflect that these establishments care about the health of their visitors and members. 

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