high security storage cabinet with audit tracking capabilities

high security cabinet with audit tracking for asset managementInstalling a high security cabinet with audit tracking is an easy and efficient way to store expensive items that require a high amount of security without the stress and headache of manually managing these items. The high security cabinets deter theft while keeping items and inventory safe and trackable with audit tracking. This access-controlled storage management is great for any type of asset management for high-security applications, including storage for private jewelry dealers, small firearm storage, pharmaceutical drug storage, key and media storage, and much more. Audit tracking is available at any time from a remote station.

how the high security cabinet with audit tracking words

The items within the cabinet are accessed through three simple but secure steps: identify, choose, and receive.

Identify: The user is identified through one or a combination of the identification methods available: fingerprint, proximity card, or username and password.

Choose: The user chooses an item from a list that appears on the touch-screen LED monitor. A user can take only the items that he or she is authorized for while the other items are kept restricted in their own compartments.

high security cabinet for access controlled storage management

Receive: When an item is selected, the user opens the drawer indicated by a flashing light and, when opened, the compartment the item is located in will pop up. Each item has its own compartment, so the rest of the items stay sealed and secured. The user then closes the drawer and, if applicable, scans the item over an RFID tracker. The item is recorded as being checked out until the user returns the item. The whole process takes about 10 seconds.

The access-controlled storage management capabilities of the high security storage cabinet ensures that each individual item of your inventory is completely secure and controlled. Every transaction is documented on the LED screen and captured by a wireless camera whose footage is available for viewing at any time. As the system manager, you will be able to control which, when, and for what purpose users are able to access and retrieve individual items. Each item can also be set up with a return time. If desired, the system will send you and the user an alert if it hasn’t been returned and checked in to the cabinet by that time.

benefits of access-controlled storage management with the high security cabinet

high security storage management with audit trackingThere are many other additional benefits that are included with the high security cabinet with audit tracking, including:

  • Independently functioning system that saves human resources
  • Immediate detection with no searching time required
  • Full control and awareness of inventory
  • Ability to manage the duration of each use
  • Automated documentation for increased control
  • Alerting system and security measures for a variety of security scenarios
  • Ability to connect to the system from any remote station
  • Drawers can be fully customized according to your needs and can easily be changed in the future
  • Fast procedure (about 10 seconds per transaction)
  • A variety of different-sized compartments available: 5″x5″, 15″x5″, 15″x15″, 15″x20″

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