Rolling Meeting Booths are so Easy to Set-Up a Child Can Do Itrolling meeting booth folded down for storage

The rolling meeting booth rolls, unfolds, and sets up creating a private meeting cubicle where you want it. When you’re done just fold the workstation up and store it. The meeting booth is easy to set up. So easy in fact, a child can do it. The video above shows two of our experienced installers, Michael and Megan (who are actually just kids), setting up the rolling meeting booth with privacy wall partitions.

Steps to Setting Up the Rolling Meeting Booth with Privacy Wall Partitions

Below are the steps to setting up the rolling meeting booth.

1. Roll Into Position

The first thing to do is roll the booth to the location you want to use it. Because of the durable non-marking casters, it’s very easy to move the booth anywhere you need it. Once you found you spot unfold the walls.

2. Set Down The Seating

The next step is to release the hooks on each end of the bench seats, letting the seat bench down into position. To ensure proper positioning, place the locating pins on the bottom of the seats into the holes on the support beams. The seats and backs are constructed with lots of padding to allow for many hours of comfortable sitting

3. Pull Down Support Rail

After this, fasten the rubber latches that join the two seats together with the main seat at both ends. Then, reach up under the middle of the bench seat to pull down the support rail and snap it into place by inserting the spring clip into the hole.

4. Fasten Walls Into Place

rolling meeting booth with privacy wall partitions being set up

Then, push both walls together so that the back walls are touching and fasten the two rubber latches on the outside of the back wall. Then, lock each of the casters to make sure the booth doesn’t roll while it’s in use.

5. Roll The Table Into The Booth

Finally, roll the meeting table into the booth and set it up. And that’s it! In less than two minutes, these two kids have set up the rolling meeting booth. And don’t worry if you don’t have experienced installers like Michael and Megan, because the rolling meeting booth can easily be set up by one adult with no experience or training.

Fold Up the Rolling Meeting Booth for Storage

Also, the rolling meeting booth folds up for storage so that when you’re finished with your meeting, you can break it down just as quickly. Since the booth folds down to 15% of its original size, it can be stored almost anywhere.

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