File Saver Cabinet Storage

file saver cabinet storageChoosing the right filing cabinets is a critical component and an essential investment for a home office or business property. File saver cabinets are ideal for storing and organizing everything from paperwork and stationery supplies to small equipment, making it easier for you to access what you need when you need it. A clean and organized office space boosts the productivity and motivation of employees working in said office. The sheer variety of options on the market is enough to make this choice infinitely difficult.

But before getting into the nitty-gritty of choosing a file saver storage cabinet, we should understand why we still need a relic belonging to the offices of an era long past gone in the age of cloud computing.

Why Should You Buy a File Saver Cabinet?

Although both offices and work cultures have gone through major transformations over the years, the filing cabinet is still a quintessential commodity of your workplace, and with good reason. Nowadays, a lot of information is stored either digitally or in the cloud. Yet there may be situations that require you to store hard-copies such as paper documents, various forms, or marketing collaterals such as brochures, pamphlets, etc. A file cabinet in such a scenario serves as a simple, secure, and hassle-free record box that ensures files are easily accessible.

These functional storage systems are perfect for streamlining your de-cluttering efforts and optimizing your workflow, whether you’re based in a traditional office or at home. A well-organized office not only shows a certain level of professionalism but will also boost your productivity throughout the day. And if you put in a little extra effort, they can even feel cohesive and seamless with the rest of your existing furniture.

The right file cabinet will:

  • Allow easy access to important documents
  • Keep your office neat, tidy by eliminating unnecessary clutter
  • Help you stay organized
  • Provide the right level of security while ensuring privacy and maintaining the office aesthetic
  • Easily incorporate into your existing office space

Now that you’re ready to get a cabinet, here are some essential considerations before you get busy with your purchasing.

  • How much room do you have in your office, and what is your office layout?
  • How much paperwork do you need to store?
  • How long do you need your file cabinet to last?

It is important to have answers to the questions above before planning to purchase file saver cabinets.

Choosing a Filing Cabinet Based on Size

file saver storage cabinetFollowing are the size considerations you must keep in mind while buying a filing cabinet.

Size of documents

Choosing your filing cabinet in this regard will depend on what kinds of documents you are filing. Filing cabinets are usually sold in either letter or legal size.

  • Letter-sized drawers contain documents that are typically 8 ½” x 11″ in size.
  • Legal-sized drawers hold documents that are typically 8 ½” x 14″ in size.

Size or layout of the room

Filing cabinets can be mainly divided into two categories: vertical cabinets and lateral cabinets. A vertical cabinet usually has between two and five drawers, while a horizontal filing cabinet may only contain one or two.

You can choose either of the options depending upon the size and layout of the room they are going to be installed.

Vertical Cabinets

Vertical cabinets are a popular choice for home offices due to their resemblance to traditional home furniture pieces and take up little wall space. They offer between two and five drawers and are a great space-optimizing option for smaller offices since they use a front-to-back filing system.

That being said, they aren’t the best option if you need to access your files regularly or if you don’t have much walk room around your office. Your office would need to accommodate the depth of vertical file cabinets (approximately 29 inches) and the length of the open drawer (another 29 inches).

Lateral Cabinets

Lateral cabinets are designed for large offices with wide floor surfaces that require access to an even larger amount of paperwork. Lateral file cabinets take up more wall space than their vertical counterparts but far less interior space. They usually feature two long drawers (but other variants featuring more storage space are also available) and are particularly useful for following a letter-by-letter filing system and for crowded work areas. The lateral configuration of the cabinet also allows workers to sift through the stored files from a seated position.

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Choosing a Filing Cabinet based on Industry Requirement

Let’s take a look at some of the specific storage solutions designed for the unique storage needs of certain industries.

Schools or Universities

file saver box storage high densityOur education systems have changed rapidly in the last few decades. Schools are now trying to educate larger numbers of students with more limited floor space, and floor space is now at a premium. While in the earlier days, storage problems could be solved by simply adding more filing cabinets, educational institutions now need to take on a more flexible and efficient approach to storage solutions.

One such solution is mobile shelving boxes full of student records. These shelves are mobile and can be compacted together by removing access to fixed aisles. To access or, in this case, open an aisle to your desired cabinet, all you must do is push a button or turn a handle, and the corresponding cabinets would part to open an aisle, allowing you access to the desired cabinet. This solution can reduce your storage area by as much as 50% while offering additional storage capacity.


Apart from cabinets, there are plenty of other cabinet types to choose from that can reduce the space occupied by storage cabinets while providing the same amount of storage space.

The space saver rolling storage cabinets are beautiful, furniture-grade alternatives to boring bulky office cabinets. You can also custom design the interiors of these file saver cabinets with a wide selection of interior components to choose from. When one side of the spinning cabinet is accessible, the other side of it faces the wall.

And when you are finished using it, spin it by a quarter turn either way to lock it. When closed, the rotary cabinet is exquisite and clean-looking. These cabinets spin to maximize the floor space and can be set up for storing top tab filing and side tab filing.

The rotary storage and file saver cabinets can deliver up to 400% more files in the same floor space as traditional drawer filing cabinets.


In an emergency, nurses and doctors can’t be wasting time rummaging through disorganized storage systems to look for the right tools and equipment. Speed and efficiency are critical, and they can mean the difference between life and death in the healthcare industry.

This challenge can be solved by using FrameWRX Bin Shelving with adjustable plastic bins. This storage solution makes organizing medical supplies quick and easy. These units can either be installed in a stationary mode or mounted on sliding tracks for double-deep storage to maximize storage space.

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are also a significant threat, making the right type of sterile storage environment extremely crucial for your patients’ and employees’ safety. Endoscope drying cabinets, Anti-microbial medical cabinets, bacteria-resistant solid surface workspaces, and countertop cabinets are designed to assist in the battle against HAIs. high density file storage space saver

Law Enforcement and Military

In any military facility, storage of weapons, ammunition, optics, radios, and other critical gear is done in high-security weapons racks. Security of the weapons and an inventory trail of the withdrawn weapon is a critical aspect of weapons storage. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking software, when coupled with weapons racks or armory, automates the management and tracking of weapons and other military or police gear. It can read any weapons within a few feet using a portable RFID reader to rapidly access inventory gear and find items that are misplaced or missing.

Various laws mandate that the police must store and preserve evidence for a specific amount of time. A compromised and unorganized evidence locker may pose the risk of letting the criminals walk free or victims getting falsely accused. However, the floor space of a precinct is limited, and the evidence may keep piling up. Optimizing storage space, therefore, becomes essential to avoid serious consequences. High-density mobile shelving can be extremely helpful in such a case.

Consult Southwest Solutions for Your File Saver Storage Needs

To meet the diverse storage needs of modern workplace settings, Southwest Solutions offers a diverse selection of storage solutions that range from stationary file saver cabinets and high-density storage systems to weapons storage with RFID tracking. Our experts will help you find the right storage solution depending on your unique requirements. For more information or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-866-447-9409 or contact us today.


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