Angled open shelf filing folder storage rack less taxing on user health & safer to use

slant stacking end tab file shelvesStoring and retrieving file folders from cabinets can cause undue harm and strain from unnatural bending, twisting, and lifting motions. Replace your storage cabinet with an angled open shelf filing folder storage rack. The unique slant stacking end tab file shelves have a flexible design that makes accessibility much easier and natural.

Traditional filing cabinet use causes injury

Using a common alternative may lead to on-site injury. Find it hard to believe? Read on to hear what happened to a county deeds clerk, while pulling papers from a filing cabinet. The incident was one that caused back pain and required surgery. It was the focus of an online safety news article.

The clerk was updating records kept in an overstuffed filing cabinet with folders kept within the lowest level of drawers. The clerk had to exert a fair amount of physical movement to retrieve the file from its place. This included squatting and twisting. This caused lower back pain and leg numbness.

A workers’ compensation claim was filed and medical treatment was sought. The pain only got worse, though. Surgery followed after tests had revealed the presence of degenerative discs. There was also a legal hearing in a court of law to discuss matters in relationship to the workers’ comp claim. The clerk’s employer had refused the clai, but the doctor who the clerk had sought treatment from gave credibility to it to the claim. It was his testimony that the work injury was responsible for causing the clerk’s pain.

Maximum medical improvement had been reached at that point. It was several years beyond the time the incident occurred. The experience was one that left the clerk disabled. Her ability to take part in everyday physical activity had become compromised. The employer was liable and required to pay medical expenses and disability benefits.angled open shelf filing folder storage rack

Slant stacking end tab file shelves focused on visibility & saving space

There is little demanding movement involved with slant stacking end tab file shelves. Storage drawers are not even factored into its design. Its construction is more focused on visibility and saving space.

Units accommodate files at a 55-degree angle within a system that is flexible and open. The files’ positioning allows the unit to offer better folder label visibility. This design also aids in lowering the misfiling of folders.

These steel-made modules can be stacked on top of the other to save space. Units come in letter and legal depths, as well as a choice of three widths. These include 24″, 36″ and 48″. All stack up to a height of eight levels to optimize capacity for more productive uses. Options range from three to eight tier models. Individual modules used to craft those models with four or five tiers. Each unit features welded dividers to keep files upright.

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