Universal Office Storage Shelving

sliding steel shelving units and racks for universal office supply & file storageSliding steel shelving units and racks for universal office supply and file storage will store all types of media and supplies while taking up significantly less floor space than traditional lateral filing cabinets and static open shelving. The shelves slide back and forth on ADA compliant tracks so you can store anything from files to notebooks, binders, archival boxes, and other types of office supplies in an organized and easily accessible storage area. The flexible steel racks are able to be easily reconfigured and adjusted as your organizational needs grow and change. (See videos See videos)

How The Sliding Shelving Can Improve Your Organization

The sliding shelving and racks mount on platforms that glide back and forth on tracks to create a movable access aisle for storing and retrieving office supplies and files. The shelves compact together to reduce your file storage area by 50% compared to static shelving and lateral file cabinets. The sliding shelves are an easy way to organize and centralize your file storage area, which in turn can increase productivity in your office since employees no longer waste time searching for the files they need. Employees don’t have to reach downward into a narrow cabinet at an awkward angle to retrieve, view, and store files, which also increases the likelihood of misfiling. The heavy-duty steel construction of the shelves offers more storage flexibility that uses less space with faster accessibility to stored records. Sliding shelving is also less expensive than lateral filing cabinets with a faster return on investment.

Shelves are available as single-sided wall units or double-sides freestanding floor units. Widths range from 24″ to 48″ with depths from 9″ to 36″ and heights from counter high to 121″. Optional accessories such as drawers, hanging clothing rods, and bins are also available. The sliding steel shelving units and racks can maximize your floor space by adding sideways sliding shelves in front of new or existing fixed storage shelving; the front shelves slide on tracks to allow access to back units. And before you spend money on offsite storage, consider placing old archival boxes in the back fixed units and placing active files in the front units so you can still keep everything you need on-site.

If security is a concern for you, then extra-wide roll-up security doors are also available that can span up to 12′ and easily cover several units. The security doors can be operated manually or with the push of a button with a variety of locking features such as key locks, touch keypads, or remote control operation.

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Types of Universal Shelving

We have many different types of stationary and sliding shelving units for you to choose from including:
sliding steel shelving units with roll up security doors for universal office supply storage

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