Electric lateral file cabinets

Experts can provide filing equipment, office furniture, and storage with the capability to reduce the paper storage and filing component of your organization footprint by half while improving access and productivity. One of the specialized solutions we now offer is the Lektriever Electric Lateral File Cabinet. This machine is also referred to as vertical filing carousels, and powered filing cabinets. This unique filing system provides a solution to companies facing a lack of file storage space and issues concerning productivity that affects the bottom line.

electric lateral file cabinetSo, how do you choose from the numerous file storage ideas?
An important component in the file storage decision-making process is how you measure your company’s environmental impact and sustainability. A positive environmental impact increases the value of the company as well as boosts the human/environmental capital associated. One aspect of environmental impact and sustainability is the efficient utilization of natural resources, including fossil fuels and to protect our air, water, and land resources. One method to address these concerns is to seek the efficient use of office space, which means smaller space demands, which, in turn, leads to smaller building requirements. So, what are examples of efficient and effective filing system ideas?

The application of an electric lateral filing cabinet system can help reduce the building construction footprint resulting in lower energy costs, construction materials requirements, and a smaller impact on the environment. So, what is a lateral file cabinet? An example of moving in this positive direction is by utilizing an automated vertical file carousel system like the Lektriever, which can save up to 85% of the storage space requirements typically necessary with traditional lateral file cabinet drawer systems. (See videos see videos)


Impact the environment and people

automated storage carousels save and optimize office floor space
It may be hard to see the relationship between investing in an automated vertical file carousel and its impact on the environment and people. We can, however, demonstrate this premise. It begins with the ’goods to people principle,’ which neatly inverts the premise of how employees obtain information from their paper file management system.

The vertical carousel’s rotating file shelves bring the important documents to you instead of you trekking to a cabinet drawer to retrieve a file. This also impacts employers who desire to provide an ergonomic and ADA-accessible workplace to 100% of the stored filing records. The benefits of a Lektriever electric lateral filing cabinet (ELF) include:

  • Increases in employee productivity of up to 66%.
  • Significant decreases in storage space requirements.
  • Reductions in cost for heating, air conditioning, maintenance, and dehumidifying.
  • Happier and more productive employees.

How the Lektriever electric file cabinet saves space

The principle behind the Lektriever powered file cabinet is a series of vertically arranged revolving shelves or drawers that extend up to 30’. The powered file cabinet can be built right up to ceiling height, and when considered at the design stages of a building, can even be built to extend through the ceiling while maintaining the same footprint. Compared to other solutions available in the market, the Lektriever file carousel is one of the most efficient in terms of linear storage inches per square foot of floor space available.

The vertical filing carousel is flexible, storing top tab file folders, side tab file folders, binders, boxes, mixed media, office supplies, and similar items necessary for operating a business within the same machine. Such a filing system saves significant amounts of space than the traditional lateral file storage cabinet and stores a greater amount of files in less space.

electric file cabinets store files binders office suppliesThrough the smart use of otherwise wasted overhead space, the vertical file carousel can provide up to 160% more filing capacity in your existing space or reduce existing floor space requirements by 60%. Unlike lateral file cabinets and manual storage systems, electric rotating file shelves assure organizations of ADA compliance while increasing worker efficiency. All these savings and increases add up to a quick return on your investment, and over time, reduce operating costs.
In an article in Entrepeneur.com, “Rent prices for office space are on the rise. Nationally, the average rate for office space in the second quarter of 2013 was $23.23 per square foot, a 2.1 percent increase from $22.75 at this time last year.”

This statistic does not include the costs associated with building maintenance costs, heating and cooling, and insurance coverage. For all these reasons, a powered filing storage cabinet may be an ideal solution. The table summarizes this exciting concept.

The Lektriever vertical file carousel provides outstanding space efficiencies compared to traditional lateral and vertical file cabinets. For example, one agency previously had eleven four-drawer lateral file cabinet units containing 1,600 filing inches.

Just one Lektriever cabinet was able to store all files and even offer room for future file growth. Because the vertical filing carousel takes advantage of previously unavailable vertical space, it could house all the files while requiring much less floor space.

How the electric file cabinet enhances productivity

Industry statistics show that employees waste up to 2/3 of their time walking and searching when using standard lateral file cabinets. The electric file cabinet carousel brings files to the employee with the touch of a button.vertical filing storage table

With the push of a button, the powered filing cabinet rotates the file shelves or drawers to bring the desired files to an ergonomically convenient work height called the “golden zone.” Thus, eliminating all reaching, bending, and walking, associated with file retrieval and refiling that can result in workers’ comp claims.

The result is dramatic increases in productivity, ergonomics, space savings, and cost savings. The ergonomic design and operation of the Lektriever file carousel is ADA compliant and based on universal design principles that minimize the physical effort of twisting, bending, and grasping. The Lektriever’s work counter can adjust up and down by pushing a button to offer different ergonomic work heights. Whether an operator is tall or short, standing, or seated in a wheelchair, they can easily adjust the work counter with a push-button for their maximum comfort. With the Lektriever, you can configure a fully accessible filing system with 100% access to stored items. Through the introduction of automation filing and storage, the Lektriever powered file carousel enables performing tasks from one centralized location, without leaving the workstation. Time and motion studies indicate that vertical file system users experience productivity gains of over 100 percent in comparison to manual systems like lateral drawer cabinets that operate independently from each other.

electric ada compliant vertical media record carousel cabinetsLektriever file security and tracking software

The vertical file carousel offers manual doors or automatic security that enable managers to grant restricted access rights to employees. This automated feature ensures only designated personnel can access specified files in the cabinet, and all transactions are logged and transparent to the department manager.

The automated security system supports up to 25 users, each with a four-digit pin that allows access and identifies the manager-approved shelves assigned to the employee. Managers are given administrative rights and can change pin codes and eligibility to stored files to prevent access from unauthorized employees or users. The file shelves only rotate when the access opening is in the closed and secured position, and only the shelf requested appears in the access opening.

You can also connect the automated security doors to your facility’s fire detection and protection system that triggers the automatic closing of the doors in the event of a fire. When interconnected with the facility fire protection program, the fire suppression system can be activated within the Lektriever file carousel to protect the contents.file tracking software

Integrating your powered file cabinet with specialized software enables you to obtain high levels of control, productivity, and security. The software can manage various aspects of any activity of the file carousel. The file tracking software can set up and change access rights to employees, grant or deny access to shelves, monitor and control “dwell time” at individual shelves, and print transaction reports on activities. The software can also utilize hand-held devices to scan and trace each file and item leaving or entering a shelf, and it can direct employees to specific fields of search to increase productivity. Click to see more file storage solutions.

We make people and space work better together

With the amount of money your organization invests in office space, it is smart to seriously consider the most effective way to store and retrieve files and different types of media. Optimizing your office to create more meeting rooms, add more workstations, and increase overall productivity will pay dividends in the long run. Performance and productivity are key criteria to keep in mind when you’re evaluating storage systems.


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