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Overview | Safety & Ergonomics | Productivity | Space Savings | File & Media Drawers


Tour the features and benefits of Lektriever filing machines. Read more about Lektriever automated file cabinets.

Lektriever Filing Machine Overview

Lektriever Filing Machine Overview (read more)

Lektriever 2000 Relocations

Lektriever 2000 Relocations (read more)

Automated Filing Carousel Cabinets

Automated Filing Carousel Cabinets (read more)

Locking File Carousels

Locking File Carousels

Vertical Carousel Rotating File System

Vertical Carousel Rotating File System

Safety & Ergonomics

Lektriever ergonomic file cabinets promote safety by eliminating climbing, bending, and heavy lifting by employees.    go back to the top

Improve Ergonomics & Safety

Improve Ergonomics & Safety (read more)

Electric File Cabinets

Electric File Cabinets (read more)

Ergonomic Powered Filing Cabinets

Ergonomic Powered Filing Cabinets (read more)

ADA File Cabinets

ADA File Cabinets

ADA Compliant File Cabinet

ADA Compliant File Cabinet (read more)


Lektriever file cabinets enhance productivity by bringing stored materials to an ergonomic counter for fast retrieval.    go back to the top

Increase Filing Productivity

Increase Filing Productivity (read more)

Space Savings

Lektriever file cabinets maximize the use of space by using overhead space.    go back to the top

Maximizing Floor Space with Lektriever File Cabinets

Maximizing Floor Space with Lektriever File Cabinets (read more)

Store More Files in Less Space

Store More Files in Less Space (read more)

File & Media Drawers

Lektriever automated cabinets have a variety of drawer options to accommodate your storage needs.    go back to the top

Media Drawers

Media Drawers (read more)

Powered File Drawer Cabinets

Powered File Drawer Cabinets (read more)