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Times-Two rotary filing cabinets, or X2 speed files and Times-2™ file storage cabinets, are compact space-saving storage systems that rotate for fast access from either side. The filing cabinet system is named Times-Two because it gives double-depth storage all in just one cabinet. The Times-Two file storage cabinets will hold top-tab file folders, side-tab file folders, binders, supplies, and all types of media. Shelving units for these cabinetry systems can also be built to organize and hold any number of everyday office items. Click here to view spinning rotary file cabinet photos.

The X2 Speed File Storage Cabinets Take Office Storage to a New Level

create extra floorspace with times 2 file storage cabinetsThe X2 speed files can save, divide, and share space to enhance the workflow of documents and materials. A single seven-tier, Times-2 file storage cabinet gives you more filing capacity than three traditional lateral files while taking up less floor space. So, you can store more files and documents while saving limited floor space at the same time.

Because the Times-2 file storage cabinets significantly reduce the square footage needed for office storage, you can use the extra space for just about anything you want. Specifically, five 7-Tier Times-Two rotary file cabinets can take the place of 10 lateral or side-by-side filing cabinets providing you with an additional 80 plus square feet of usable office space.  Use your newly freed-up space for other office furniture, such as workstations, tables, and printers.

Do you spend money to store older files in an off-site warehouse? In addition to costing you more, having to drive to an off-site storage facility to access these files can be an added hassle most would prefer to avoid. These rotary file cabinets can free up space so you can store even older, less used files on-site for better access and maintenance.  Click here to watch a video highlighting the X2 speed file storage cabinets.

Provide Social Distancing in the Office with Times-2 File Storage Cabinets

Making the most of your limited office space is a priority for every business; however, with social distancing mandates caused by the Covid-19 virus, there’s a renewed importance on making the most of your office space. Employees want to feel comfortable coming to work, and employers can help promote a safe and compliant workplace by incorporating social distancing strategies throughout their place of business.

Instead of reconfiguring the entire workplace, installing space-maximizing rotary file storage cabinets can increase your floor space by as much as three times in a cost-effective way. By exponentially freeing up the amount of floor space that is available for office use, you can rearrange or open-up workstations, desks, and cubicles so that employees are spaced further away from each other. By implementing these Times-Two rotary file cabinets, you can also use this new space to reorganize common office areas where people typically congregate to encourage social distancing.

Times-Two Filing Cabinets Provide More Office Storage Options

times two rotary filing cabinets accessories file shelves drawersWithin the Times-Two rotary filing storage cabinets, you can store:

  • Files in roll-out, top-tab, hanging file drawers, or on-end tab file folders on shelves
  • Books and notebook binders on shelves
  • DVDs, CDs, or office supplies in various sizes of roll-out drawers
  • Hanging garments and wardrobe storage
  • Locking security drawers for confidential files, personal items, laptops, electronics, or other high-value items needing security
  • There are also roll-out reference shelves available for a writing surface or to set files on when filing

Advanced Times-Two Filing Storage Cabinet Options

Because one storage solution rarely works for every business situation, we are proud to offer a range of options for just about every office environment. The most standard options for the Times-Two rotary filing storage cabinets are either walled units that provide one-sided access or non-walled spacious units that offer two-sided access at the same time.

For the walled units, the filing storage cabinets rotate so that one side is facing the user, and the opposite side is facing the wall. That is, the side facing the wall (or the hidden side) cannot be accessed at the same time as the side facing the user. To access the inward-facing or covered side, simply rotate the cabinetry (using a foot pedal or hand-bar) until the opposite side is facing you. This way, one rotating filing storage cabinet can hold twice as much as a standard cabinet while taking up less than half the space.

The other common rotating filing storage cabinet option is our double-sided, dual-access model. This type of cabinet allows users to access opposite sides at the same time. These hallway storage cabinets, which do not stand against a wall, have no inward-facing or hidden side. As such, two users standing on opposite sides of the rotating filing storage cabinet can access their part at the same time. They can then rotate the cabinet to access files on the opposite side.  

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Hallways and foyers are often overlooked as storage space. Make the most of this space by fitting them with our Times-Two filing storage cabinets. Designed to stand waist-high, these storage cabinets can fit snugly in hidden spaces located below a thermostat, window, or other wall-mounted devices.

Times-Two’s ability to interconnect filing storage cabinets together can also be used to break up tall, wall to wall filing storage cabinets. Let’s say you have an open space you wish to use for storage, but there’s a sizable window, walled fire hydrants, or other stationary objects in your way. Being able to interconnect the filing storage cabinet allows you to fit the cabinet underneath the window. This way, you can still have your tall filing storage cabinets around – and underneath — the window space without blocking it.

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Don’t Skimp on Quality When Selecting Your Rotary File Cabinet

If you’ve been thinking about optimizing your office space with rotary file cabinetry, maybe you’ve been hesitant to do so because you’ve heard that such cabinets can be heavy, hard to use, and prone to jamming. Unfortunately, it’s true that some knock-off rotary file cabinets don’t work as well as advertised.

Our Two-Time rotary file cabinets are recognized for their superior quality, safety features, and top-notch fitted materials. They are reinforced with a sturdy base that evenly distributes the weight of the cabinets, so there’s no tipping over or getting stuck when you move them. That is, these cabinets will still turn smoothly even if one side of the cabinetry weighs more than the other. Moreover, because these rotary file storage cabinets are designed to be evenly balanced, they can readily be turned without feeling too heavy.

Also, our Times-Two rotary file cabinets have essential safety features that prevent free spinning, which can be unsafe. Instead, they stop at every quarter turn. This way, a foot or hand can’t get caught in a moving cabinet. Knock off manufacturers or other competitors do not offer this safety feature.

Contact Us for Times-Two Filing Storage Cabinets

Our team of filing and storage efficiency specialists can help with every phase of building your storage solution, from design, delivery, to installation. Our experts can calculate how much space you can save and go over the pros and cons of each rotary file storage cabinet option. They can also help you decide which unit will work best with your existing space or floor plan. As such, you will have the right X2 speed files or Times-Two rotary filing storage cabinets to meet your business application needs.

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design, planning, and installation services for Times-Two rotary filing storage cabinets and X2 speed files. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or message us for a free analysis of your office filing and storage area.