Replace Lateral Cabinets with Times-Two Spinning Cabinets

times two cabinets offer flexible dual sided office storage

Times-Two spinning cabinets offer flexible dual-sided office storage. These spinning cabinets provide more storage space and superior flexibility, enabling you to replace those old-fashioned lateral cabinets. To operate, rotate the cabinet once to store, and rotate it again to close. A Times-Two spinning cabinet will hold as much as three lateral file cabinets in far less space. With dual-sided office storage, you can store more of everything. (See videos see videos)

Flexible Times-Two Spinning Cabinets Store Anything, Anywhere

With multiple heights available, these cabinets work great in a variety of spaces in your office. Times-Two spinning cabinets have been frequently used throughout cubicles, offices, central file rooms, executive suites, conference rooms, and more. The reason the cabinets are so popular is because they can store everything you need: coats, tablets, binders, files, office supplies, electronics, and more. There are even locking drawers to provide additional security for valuables.

An Example of How One Company Used Times-Two Spinning Cabinets

A major airline was running out of space in their central filing department. The company had lateral files that were functional but just couldn’t do enough. The airline wanted a new solution that would increase storage capacity in the same space while incorporating mixed media. However, in an effort to save money, it was mandatory that their top tab filing system be retained without conversion to another filing style.

times two spinning cabinets store a variety of itemsTimes-Two spinning cabinets in a 7-Tier height were the perfect solution. Fifty Times-Two cabinets replaced the lateral file system to increase storage capacity. In fact, each Times-Two cabinet replaced the equivalent of 3.28 lateral files.

Top tab filing was no problem either; the new cabinets were accessorized with drawers to accommodate this filing style. Binders and mixed media were stored on the cabinet’s top shelves. Because the drawers close and the cabinets lock, the airline gained extra security for stored files.

Overall, the versatile Times-Two spinning cabinets met all of the airline’s file storage requirements: increase storage, save office space, improve efficiency, and tighten security.

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