Storage Re-Imagined: Metal Shelving with Wood Trim Molding

Metal shelving with wood trim molding is used in all types of businesses from law offices to libraries. The wood trim molding provides a luxurious appearance while the metal shelving remains strong enough to support the weight of any stored items. (view metal shelving with wood trim molding photos)


Advantages of Metal Shelving with Wood Trim Molding

This stylish shelving storage system combines real wood end panels, doors, and shelf edges with metal shelving to make a product unrivaled in elegance, durability, and functionality. Unlike wood shelving or built in furniture, metal shelving with wood trim molding has many advantages.

  • Traditional wood shelves can sag under the strain of heavy media; metal shelving is strong enough to store even the heaviest of library and museum collections while staying level.
  • If you need to relocate, the metal shelving with wood trim molding moves with you.
  • Metal shelving will support more weight than conventional millwork. One 36” x 12” span of metal shelving can store over 300 pounds.
  • The wood trim molding is available in cherry, mahogany, ash, oak and maple and 10 stains to offer numerous design options.
  • The wood trim molding is hand finished and furniture quality cladding.
  • The metal shelving is solvent free and 100% non-volatile, producing absolutely no off-gassing.
  • Door fronts for the metal shelving of solid wood, glass, mesh, or shaker provide a exceptional finishing touches.
  • The metal shelving holds a variety of media including oversized books, office supplies, CDs, and paperback books

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Designing and Installing Metal Shelving with Wood Trim Molding

Since 1969, Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing metal shelving to all types of businesses including government agencies, schools, police departments, museums, libraries, law firms, and hospitals. Our experienced representatives are knowledgeable in all types of filing and storage methods, as well as code compliance, floor load implications, and layout designs to bring you the best value and efficient solutions. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and let us help you plan your storage area with metal shelving with wood trim molding.