overhead car bonnet cabinet shelf lockersCondo vehicle parking garage storage eases item transferral

Heavy-duty overhead car bonnet cabinet shelf lockers provide condo vehicle parking garage storage with safe space to accommodate industrial and outdoor equipment. Store, secure, and organize everything from tools and automotive parts to camping gear and more within the interior. Available models stand against a wall with the main compartment elevated off the floor to save space. It allows users enough room underneath to protect the hood of their car from damage.

Ample space between the system and automobile ensures users ergonomic access to stored items from either side. It allows faster, more efficient material transferral from one place to another. Users avoid physical strain or injury from carrying items upstairs and into the house, making it an attractive amenity to show property buyers.

Secure overhead car bonnet cabinet shelf lockers

The overhead car bonnet cabinet shelf lockers can include either solid or perforated steel panels. Configurations designed with the first option hide items from view to prevent theft. Units with second option help prevent odor buildup while keeping items cool to maintain equipment performance. Users have the option to order digital locks rather than using key locks which come standard to keep items safe.

Cabinet Construction: Cabinets assembled with rivet construction. Rivets enable users to replace cabinet parts in the event of damage by removing and replacing panels individually. Units feature 16-gauge durable steel construction with 14-gauge reinforcements that provide added strength.

Doors: Sliding doors constructed from steel with recessed handles can fit optional pull handles. Doors feature key lock security access, but users have the option to order digital locks.

Locks: Units have secure key locks as a standard, but can accommodate optional digital locks.

condo vehicle parking garage storageIntermediate Shelf: One fixed intermediate shelf riveted in the center included. It can withstand positioning anywhere users like and features 16-gauge material construction with 14-gauge reinforcement that provides added strength.

Capacity: Cabinets support 200 lbs. per shelf and up to 400 lbs. per unit.

Finish: Powder-coat finish available in many standard colors that add pleasing aesthetics.

Assembly: Cabinet ships assembled and legs bolt on. System anchoring (anchors not provided) to the floor required.

Warranty: 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on workmanship and all metal components.

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