Rotating Binder and File Revolving Carousels


Revolving Binder and File Carousels allow you to easily turn unused corner office areas into a space efficient filing and storage system! The Corner Carousel utilizes dead corner areas to turn them into usable storage and filing space. Filing and binder carousels are the ideal solution for filing wedge shape items such as binders, magazines, files, DVDs, or CDs. The modular components and different shapes allow planning creativity allowing you to mix and match with binder carousel and/or end tab file cabinets to create your ideal storage system.

Space Saving Rotating File and Binder Secure Storage

Each cabinet locks to secure contents and are HIPAA compliant. The file and binder cabinets enable you to keep the entire contents of an office in a compact area. The lockable sliding tambour doors glide easily and retract into the cabinet walls quietly without taking up additional floor space. Powder-coated metal bases have adjustable legs to level cabinets on uneven floors.

Rotating Shelving for Multimedia Applications

Each tier of the multimedia carousel holds 6-1/2 feet of binders, rotates independently of the others, and is accessible from all sides. Media carousels can display almost 700 DVD’s or 450 video tapes in only 6-1/4 square feet! They are ideal for libraries, schools, corporate media centers, TV and Radio stations. Click here to see more binder storage solutions.