Sliding Glass Partitions

sliding glass partitionsNatural light in the office is excellent for your workforce. Not only does it boost their mood, but it also increases happiness, energy levels and promotes a willingness for your employees to show up each day. 

Studies show that 75% of employees in the workplace find natural light to be important in their workspace. Natural light also diminishes the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. And last but not least, natural light is a less expensive alternative to fluorescent or other types of harsh lighting. 

Natural light in the office is a win-win solution for employers and employees. Who doesn’t want to work with a happier, more energetic team? It also leads to a better environment for your employees and their mental health. 

It has also been said that employees tend to work better in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing. We believe natural light is a must for the office and employee morale. 

Fast Company states that the use of glass in the workplace “welcomes natural light, unobstructed views, and unclutteredness. Glass is the single most important material we use at our office. It helps create a clear space for free-thinking. From a biological perspective, the light helps with happiness, energy, and morale.”

Understanding Sliding Glass Partitions

retractable glass wall partitionsSliding glass partitions help you to create the space you want in the space you have. Retractable doors, glass partitions, and glass walls can be installed in multiple configurations in your office that you would never have imagined possible. You can create an open space or a soundproof private room with these sliding glass partitions. You can make the office you imagined your reality. 

Our glass walls can be pushed forward and backward to create the space you envision while also keeping natural light front and center for the sake of your employees. The glass partitions can stay stacked to keep the room open or pulled out in less than a minute to create a soundproof private office or meeting room. 

Types of Sliding Glass Partitions

Sliding glass partitions are used to help a company utilize space, whether they need to set up offices in an open setting or quickly turn an open area into a private meeting room. Retractable glass walls help create soundproof rooms. We offer a telescoping wall system and a solution of easily movable glass partitions, walls, and doors. 

Retractable Glass Partitions, Doors, and Walls

A telescoping wall system is highly functional, expandable, and dependable for your business. It can create private soundproof rooms or open space for a gathering in your office space. The telescoping wall can be pulled out to create a room or remain stacked to leave a space open. Either way, it provides natural light and extreme functionality that is not possible with standard glass walls that cannot be moved. Learn more about our telescoping wall system.


  • These sliding glass partitions are ceiling-hung, so there is no need for a floor track.
  • This solution is designed to work with other demountable wall systems.
  • Near-local sourcing makes this system great for the environment. You can get LEED credits in nine different categories, from near-local sourcing to using recyclable materials to increasing access to natural light. 
  • These glass walls are built-to-order and highly customizable for any space. Choose your height and width. You can select standard glass or solid panels. 
  • Retractable glass partitions provide maximum privacy and reinforce acoustic integrity. 
  • Retractable glass partitions, doors, and walls provide separation when you need it and leave no trace when you don’t.

Features:retractable sliding glass walls

  • A patented upper attachment allows glass panels to hover just millimeters above the floor. 
    • Interlocking and telescoping provide structure to the sliding glass partitions to resist bowing and flexing. 
    • Each panel in the sliding glass wall system is linked to the one next to it.
  • Isometric detail includes:
    • Aluminum door stop
    • Sill extrusion for fixed glass
    • Rail hook with PVC slider
    • Sound stop
  • Adjustability detail includes:
    • Blocking and structural support varies based on span size or opening
    • Sliding door rail
    • 1″ of adjustability allowed within track system
    • Track sound stop system
  • Plan detail includes:
    • Rail hook with PVC slider
    • Tempered glass
    • 1″ track sound stop
    • Tubular handle
    • Acoustic trim molding
  • A guillotine split can be used to create symmetry with two telescoping systems that meet in the middle and design a double-wide opening. 
  • Multiple types of moveable panels are available, including glass panels, clear tempered, frosted, laminated, low iron, ultra-clear, star fire, and writable. 
  • Multiple types of fixed panels are also available, including solid panels, wood veneers, and acrylic. 
  • Fifteen finishes and colors are available to customize your operable glass wall and retractable door. 
  • Choose your hardware. They come standard with a round ladder pull but can be customized for your office. Hardware options are also locking or non-locking. 
  • There is the option to add a hinged glass door to expand the configuration. 
  • You can design custom panels to suit your space and your needs. 
  • Types of configurations:
    • Single: A single frameless sliding glass door system, which slides within its track couple with fixed slabs to span to any size opening. 
    • Double: A double sliding glass door system, which slides within its track coupled with fixed slabs to span to any size opening. 
    • Left + right stack: Floating panels telescope in one direction. You can select your preference for a right- or left-stack to fit your space. 
  • Our proprietary “sound seal” material fills any space to keep the noise down. The interlocking mechanism that provides structure also eliminates the gaps between panels that allow unwanted sounds to slip through the cracks. 

Movable Glass Walls

sliding retractable glass wall partitionFinished installations of glass walls are always beautiful, but they are also labor-intensive and expensive. This solution delivers the aesthetic you are looking for but in a moveable glass wall solution. When you let the light into your office space, your employees will be more motivated and happy. Learn more about this glass wall solution.


  • Sliding glass walls are fully assembled in a manufacturing facility. This guarantees timely installation and less waste on-site. They are engineered so that the system can be constructed with only a few key components. Fewer parts translate to less waste. 
  • This solution offers the easy integration of operable glass walls to create fresh new space in an existing office that will leave your employees wowed. 
  • Sliding glass walls save time, money, and environmental resources. They are made of highly recyclable materials. This solution leaves a very small environmental footprint. 
  • Movable glass walls maximize natural lighting for a more attractive space that is also brighter. This pleasing aesthetic is great for employee morale and mental health. 
  • This solution gives you the ability to design spaces with no visual breaks because of unlimited butt-glazing. This maximizes the amount of daylight that flows into space. 
  • This solution provides easy installation and can be reconfigured with minimal dirt, dust, or disruption. 
  • These glass walls meet the strict chemical emissions limits and maintain high-quality levels of air circulation. 
  • Numerous design options are available that let you make your office space your own. 

Features of Sliding Glass Walls:

  • Butt-Glass Panels
    • Panel widths range from 12″ to 48″
    • Ceiling heights up to 120″
    • The standard frame has 2″ depth at the base. 
    • Multiple vertical adjustment ranges. 
  • sliding glass wall partitionsDoor Options
    • Pivot-hinged and sliding door units are standard
    • Self-close door options available
    • Height up to 108″ and transom-height door units are standard
    • Solid core, rail-glazed, and frameless safety glass options
  • Supplemental Details
    • Glass panels offer unlimited butt-glazing capabilities with no vertical posts. 
  • Testing and Approvals
    • GREENGUARD Children and School Certified
    • Meets Glass Association of North America standards
  • Aluminum Extrusions
    • Ceiling track, 3″ ceiling trim, and 2.5″, 3.25″, and 4″ base
    • Structural aluminum and architectural grade alloys
  • Finishes
    • Clear anodized aluminum (8-minute-etch standard)
    • Powder-coated aluminum in 46 standard colors
    • Custom color matches
  • PVC Components
    • Butt-glazing seal
    • Hidden connection parts or seals
  • Glass Components
    • Butt-glazing standard glass 1/2″ clear tempered
    • 1/2″ tempered glass yields a 36 STC rating
    • 1/2″ tempered glass weight is approximately 6.4 pounds per square foot
    • Patterned glass film options are field-applied
  • Base Assembly Details
    • Overlapping aluminum base
    • Steel leveler assembly with vertical adjustment
    • Non-damaging carpet gripper screws
  • Ceiling Track Assembly
    • U-shape aluminum extruded ceiling rack with free-float adjustment secures to the top of the panel. The connection between the ceiling and track is sealed with a gasket. 
    • The unique design of ceiling trim minimizes shadow reveal lines at the ceiling. 
    • Non-damaging caddy clip connections secure the ceiling channel. The weight of the system is dispersed to the floor. 

Maximizing Sliding Glass Partition Solutions

No matter which solution you choose, your sliding glass partitions will bring in natural light while allowing better use of office space. We believe that sliding glass partitions provide a more transparent and productive workplace. We will provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications before the design process begins. To learn more or speak to a specialist at Southwest Solutions Group®, call us at 1-866-433-5670 or send us a message today. We look forward to speaking with you!