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Rolling Record Box Storage Racks Solve Transportation Department’s Storage Problem

A local transportation department was growing fast and needed to add more offices while still maintaining room for storing general records and construction documents that were housed in file boxes. As the department was renovating, they saw an opportunity to overhaul their storage area with Rolling Record Box Storage Racks also known as Mobile Shelving on Tracks. Rolling Record Box Storage Racks allowed the company to reduce their file boxes storage floor space while doubling their storage capacity. In addition, there is room for future storage space growth without encroaching on office space. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

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Rolling Record Box Storage Racks are Cost-Effective and Functional

The transportation department had the need to create a more effective and efficient method for storing and accessing records and documents stored in file boxes. After a thorough evaluation of their office and storage areas, it was recommended the transportation department use Mobile Shelving on Tracks for storing their file boxes.

The low-profile rail used with the Rolling Record Box Storage Racks is attached directly into the unfinished concrete, which means that no raised floor or ramp was needed. This alone allowed the transportation department to save a significant amount of money. In addition, using standard four-post type shelves with steel upright panels as the material for the Rolling Record Box Storage Racks’ created a functional and sleek look for the storage system.

Mobile Shelving on Tracks Improve Efficiency and Increase File Box Storage Capacity

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The transportation department allotted two rooms for storing file boxes. In the Construction Records room, they now have the ability to store 2,070 file boxes (a 48% increase storage capacity), and in the Records Center they can now store 2,430 file boxes (a 53% increase in storage capacity). Also, the department can store regular file folders, rolled maps and additional items in the Mobile Shelving on Tracks. The economical and modern storage solution of Mobile Shelving on Tracks that was executed at the transportation department has enhanced operational efficiency and improved staff productivity in addition to providing double the storage capacity for file boxes.

Designing and Installing Mobile Shelving on Tracks for File Boxes

Southwest Solutions Group® has been designing and installing Mobile Shelving on Tracks for storing file boxes since 1969. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with the Rolling Record Box Storage Racks expert in your area.