Lockers with Benches in Limited Space

space saver pull out retractable bench lockersSpace saver pull-out retractable bench lockers are designed for compact storage and only require a 60″ ADA aisle. Regular locker benches take up valuable space that many locker rooms don’t have, requiring costly building expansions or substandard locker areas with low-quality storage. With the pull-out retractable benches, each bench can be stored within the locker when it’s not in use and easily pulled out when needed. Click here for more information on personal storage lockers.

Retractable Benches Allow More Room for Lockers

The space saver pull-out retractable bench lockers are what a detention center installed in their personal locker rooms to solve their space problem. The center had very limited space with no option for expansion and had added personnel. Thus, they needed a way to increase the number of lockers in the same footprint as before. In addition, benches needed to be provided while still maintaining a 60″ ADA aisle.

Additional benefits of the space saver pull-out retractable bench lockers include:ada aisle retractable pull out bench lockers

  • Retractable bench pulls out from the frame of the locker only when it’s needed, allowing substantial space savings
  • The detention center was able to reduce the depth of each locker by 12″; this allowed them to fit more rows of lockers in the room to provide storage for all personnel without expanding their space
  • Increased number of locker rows allows for increased locker widths for more storage
  • The retractable benches can hold more than 600 lbs, ensuring sturdy support
  • Since the benches retract, the aisles only needed 60″ for ADA compliance

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