4-Post Shelving Organizes Sample Library

architecture firm sample library storage before and afterA successful architecture and design firm’s sample library needed a storage makeover. The firm was using lateral filing cabinets, an old island, and the floor to store all of their various samples. A customized solution was designed that incorporated 4-post storage shelving with drawers, shelves, and a counter unit. Because of the innovative 4-post storage shelving design, the firm was able to finally get their sample library organized.  

The Firm’s Sample Library Before the Makeover

Lateral filing drawers housed the majority of the firm’s samples. But because the filing drawers are meant for paper, materials were unorganized and and were very hard to access. Additionally, there was no room in the cabinets for reference materials. See pricing for Fabric Sample Racks.

Heavy tile samples and other awkwardly shaped items, like carpet squares, were simply kept in piles on the floor. This created an unmanageable storage area that was frustrating and hazardous to employees.

An old wooden island with compartments below was used to create boards and cut materials. While it had storage, the space wasn’t flexible to store both small samples and large supplies.

The Sample Library Now with 4-Post Storage Shelving

4-post storage shelving in the sample library storing reference materialThe firm’s samples and literature are now kept in 4-Post shelving in several different configurations. The new shelving optimizes the use of vertical space, adding both shelves and drawers where none previously existed. There is now enough shelving available to hold a reference library in addition to building material samples.

All of the finish materials – both large and small – are neatly tucked away in spaces designed specifically for them. Large carpet swatches and heavy tile books have special compartments within the 4-post storage shelving and are easily accessible by the architects and designers.

The center work island now has under surface storage drawers and shelves that are the right size for samples and work materials. The area also doubles as a collaboration space for team members.  Each storage component was well thought out and can store the strange assortment of shapes, sizes and materials that are used in an architectural library every day.

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