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Southwest Office Solutions Company Providing Updated Filing and Storage Equipment

When you think about filing, do you picture traditional lateral and vertical file cabinets? Guess what, those outdated and old fashioned cabinets are not your only option. We are your Southwest office solutions company that will provide your business with a wide selection of filing and storage equipment that will meet your specific needs.

Southwest Office Solutions Options for Upgrading and Replacing Your Lateral Filing Cabinets

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Our filing and storage equipment has many benefits to provide solutions for your office including saving floor space and increasing productivity. Here are just some of our filing and storage products:

  • High Density Filing Shelving– These shelves are the most space efficient office solution for filing, saving up to 66% of your storage floor space (usually about 10% of the square feet in your entire office). High density filing shelving is also flexible enough to store files, record boxes, notebooks and other office items all in the same system.
  • Moving File Cabinet Carousels– These file cabinet carousels not only save floor space, but they increase productivity by 70% and worker moral while maintaining security and safety. We offer moving filing cabinet carousels because they are excellent for handicapped workers since they meet the guidelines required by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Lateral Sliding Cabinets– These sliding cabinets double your amount of file storage space with dramatic improvements in organization, convenience, and appearance. They are a complete office storage solution that is very cost-effective because you can put your existing lateral file cabinets on the sliding track system.
  • Rotary Filing Cabinets– These are attractive file cabinets that save space, lock, and have flexible interiors that can store top tab files, side tab files, forms, binders, computer media and anything else you can think of.

    rotary file cabinet southwests office storage solution

  • Open Stationary File Shelving– These open shelves are easy to install and reconfigure when your filing and storage needs change. Also, we can convert open stationary file shelving to a high density filing shelving system at any time, which makes for a dramatic space saving office solution. We can also add rolling doors for a cleaner appearance and extra security.
  • Pull Out Wall Storage Cabinets– These cabinets are sleek compact filing cabinets that slide into the wall and allow multiple users to access the files and stored items. These are excellent for hallways.

Contact Your Local Southwest Office Solutions Company’s Filing and Storage Professionals

Since 1969, Southwest Solutions Group® has been proving businesses throughout the southwest with filing and storage equipment and office solutions that are designed to save space and increase productivity. If you’re ready to upgrade your filing system and need help deciding exactly which option is best for you, contact us today by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email and Southwest Solutions office filing and storage professionals will give you a free 30 minute storage assessment.