high-security automated cabinet for storing diamonds & jewelry

automated security cabinets for storing valuablesJewelry dealers need highly secure, safe, and reliable storage for storing their precious diamonds and jewelry. Our automated security cabinet for valuables is a great solution for storing diamonds for jewelry dealers for deterring theft and keeping jewelry inventory safe and trackable. The automated security cabinet system provides real-time tracking and auditing so you can be in complete control of your inventory at all times.

how the automated security cabinet for valuables works

The security cabinets and drawers can be accessed by one or a combination of the identification methods of your choice: fingerprint, proximity card, or username and password. Each item you need to store is given its own sealed compartment. A user can only select and take the items he or she is authorized for while the other items are kept restricted. When the item is selected, the user opens the drawer indicated by a light and the compartment the item is located in will pop up. The user then scans the item over the RFID tracker to indicate that the item has been checked out. The rest of the items remain sealed and secure throughout this process, which takes about 10 seconds.

Every transaction is documented on the LED screen and captured by a wireless camera that administrators can view at any time. As the system manager, you are able to dictate which, when, and for what purpose users are able to access each individual item. Each item can also be set to be returned by a specific time, and the system will send you and the user an alert if it hasn’t been returned. This way, storing diamonds for jewelry dealers and other precious metals and gems becomes a much easier and controlled process.

automated security cabinet for storing diamonds and valuable jewelry

benefits of storing diamonds in an automated security cabinet for valuables

There are many other additional benefits of storing diamonds for jewelry dealers in automated security cabinets for valuables, including:

  • The system functions independently, saving the manager’s time
  • Immediate detection with no searching time required
  • Full control and awareness of inventory
  • Ability to manage the duration of each use
  • Automated documentation for increased control
  • Alerting system and security measures for a variety of security scenarios
  • Ability to connect to the system from any remote station
  • Drawers can be fully customized according to your needs and can easily be changed in the future
  • Fast procedure (about 10 seconds per transaction)
  • A variety of different-sized compartments available: 5″x5″, 15″x5″, 15″x15″, 15″x20″

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