What Are Phenolic Lockers?

phenolic lockers single tierPhenolic lockers are designed and crafted to withstand extremely wet environments. Additionally, where strength is required, phenolic lockers meet the challenge. These durable, waterproof lockers are ideal for storage applications in humid settings. Phenolic lockers offer design flexibility and smooth finishes that stand the test of time. These lockers are a great addition to our collection.

Why Choose Phenolic Lockers?

For designers, architects, and property owners, Phenolic lockers offer a water and corrosion resistant solution that is ideal for high trafficked areas. Our solid Phenolic Locker is durable, impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, customizable, and presented in various styles in numerous colors.

Our Collection

Phenolic Traditional Lockers. When flexibility is required, our Phenolic lockers are the choice to make for a locker solution. These lockers are fabricated with dense components combined with stainless steel material. Phenolic does not support bacteria. Our core Phenolic locker system is adaptable to all types of facilities, including health clubs, spas, sports facilities, and much more. Phenolic lockers can easily be customized to meet our client’s unique needs.phenolic box lockers

Phenolic Traditional Lockers – Enhanced Addition. This lockers solution offers all the benefits that our traditional line provides with more rugged application features. Still flexible, but never sacrificing durability and offering stainless brackets and fasteners. These Phenolic lockers will stand the test of time in the most extreme conditions.

Phenolic Lockers – Open Face. These locker solutions are perfect when locks are not a requirement. This open storage design is a beautiful part of our open storage collection. An excellent application for daycare centers, laundry rooms, music schools, and churches.

Standard Features – Phenolic Traditional Locker Solutions

  • Multiple Color Options
  • ½” Face
  • ½” Tops, Bottoms, and Shelves
  • 120-degree swing limit hinge
  • Recessed vertical handle
  • Built-in Locks
  • Full Perimeter Ventilation
  • Single Unit Construction

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Contact Us For Phenolic Lockers

All phenolic lockers are an intelligent choice when you are looking for lasting quality. Southwest Solutions Group® provides the top choice for high-end phenolic lockers that benefit designers and architects on their projects. Our locker systems come in a variety of colors and are customizable to suit all your project needs. Spas, fitness centers, and schools alike all benefit from utilizing phenolic locker systems. Let Southwest Solutions Group help you design and plan your storage needs. To learn more about our Phenolic Locker collection or to speak with a specialist, contact us on the web or give us a call at 1-866-445-8859.

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